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June Sunday Thoughts


The biggest news this week is obviously the regional baseball play.  Clemson traveled to Vandy and immediately got their asses handed to them by Oregon.  Yes, this is the same Oregon team that Captain Jack said was extremely scared of Clemson.  Xavier proved they weren't as scared as Jack thought they'd be either.  They know this is not the mighty Clemson baseball team of yesteryear and aren't scared of a 60 year old man tightening up his team, sliding head first pregame, then coaching 3rd base.  Clearly Jack needs to reevaluate his assessment of other teams.  Or, just maybe, it is the hater fans who are causing all of this.  Just as we tell every other coach out there, the fans don't play the game so why spend your time responding to them?  Maybe the issue is that he realizes that the general populous has turned and the general apathy for Clemson baseball has reached a point that cannot be ignored.  I remember having this conversation about 4 years ago with Dr. B.  We agreed then that Clemson would not make it to the next level with Leggett in place.  Dr. B went so far as to piece an article back in 2010 outlining the need for change given the obvious lull the program was entering. As usual, he looks like a prophet predicting this now obvious glaring hole in our athletics department

As for his replacement, I believe many eyes are on current Liberty manager Jim Toman.  This is fairly obvious and no real shock for people who have followed baseball over the years.  A bunch of my Carolina friends have stated that they'll be extremely upset if we are able to get him and they are, as they said, "stuck with Holbrook."  I don't believe he would have taken the Clemson job several years ago because of his loyalty to Ray Tanner and his alleged desire to coach there.  Now the issue is Liberty.  They have built him a brand new stadium and he has plenty of momentum with the Flames.  Toman built the South Carolina program into dominance on the recruiting trail and certainly would improve local recruiting for Clemson.  We'll hopefully see if the lure of a tradition-rich Clemson job will lure him to Pickens County.

Dr. B and QT again correctly prognosticated the commitment of Cain this past week.  Clemson is really putting together its class and should have the majority completed before football season begins.  We lamented the lack of a big time defensive end and it appears we'll continue that concern moving forward.  Clemson really needed to hit big here this cycle but will likely come away with projects.

ESPN announced the kickoff time for the Clemson/UGA matchup earlier this week.  The Tigers' season will begin the season at 5:30 in Athens.  I believe that is a bit better for the team than a late kick time.  You know Georgiafan is pissed because that is 2+ hours less of drinking liquor and urinating on opposing teams' fans.  I'll go ahead and say it...Fuck Georgia.

Clemson has a bit of work to do on future scheduling.  D-Rad confirmed before that Clemson has been approached about a neutral site ballgame.  I believe Kyle Young has stated that this would only be a possibility in even years as those are the seasons that Clemson hosts SCar and the school wants to maintain at least seven home games a year for obvious reasons.  If I were king, we'd play Georgia every year.  Not just because I hate UGa but because it is the right thing to do considering geography, history, etc...In the past we've played the likes of Auburn, Alabama, Texas A&M, and Georgia early in the season.  Outside of the SEC, we've tackled Marshall in the late-'90's and VPI prior to their entrance into the ACC.  I am eager to hear who you guys would like to play.  I firmly believe that the Clemson admin are going to line up more SEC foes, which is fine with me.  Outside of UGA, I'd probably vote to play Tennessee or pit another Dabo vs. Les matchup between Clemson and LSU.  Use the comments section to express your views on this subject.

The PGA Tour is playing Jack's Tourney this week.  Bubba was ridiculous on Saturday.  It is absolutely incredible how that guy shapes shots and seems to just play off the cuff.  He is a bit unconventional but knocks the hell out of the golf ball.  Yesterday he was playing a 174 yard Par 3 with a little breeze in the face and he pulls out a pitching wedge.  That is just crazy--I wonder why he even carries most of the rest of those clubs. On 18, Bubba appeared to contact the ball prior to making his stroke.  I'll be interested in seeing if the PGA assigns a penalty for that move or if it will allow it to go.  The ball never really changed location.  There was some oscillation and it was obvious on regular television.  It also also allowed Bubba to get a better lie as his ball was butted up on the collar to the rough.

Paul Casey looked like he was going to completely come apart but pulled it together after dropping a lot of shots.  I'm impressed that he is still in the mix here.  Meanwhile, Phil is making noise outside of the ropes as he is apparently being investigated for insider trading.  I believe he'll get out unscathed but it is certainly newsworthy when a guy like Mickelson gets entangled in an investigation like this.  As you all know, Phil is trying to complete the career grand slam in a couple weeks at Pinehurst.

NASCAR is in Dover Downs this weekend.  With JJ picking up the win last week, I personally would be a bit surprised if we don't start seeing more and more repeat winners.  I still don't know what to make of the new points system other than the guys who are in really have no need to finish less than 1st and / or avoid tearing up the race car.  What you see now is what you saw out of the 88 at Talladega. Earnhardt got out of the mix then laid back hoping to avoid the big one.  Late in the race, he started trying to make moves but when it didn't work he seemed content to get out of there with a clean racecar.  His finish order clearly didn't matter because he had the win at Daytona.  It was either win or not wreck with no matter to the actual finish number.  This is what you are going to get until the Chase kicks off in a couple months.