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DE LaSamuel Davis Commits to Clemson

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, Bamberg-Ehrhard WDE LaSamuel Davis (6'4, 218, 4.68 40) committed to Clemson this afternoon. Davis had strong interest from NC State and UNC, and supposedly had offers from K-State, Florida, GT and Virginia Tech. Based on what I have heard, I'm skeptical of the offer from Florida and another from Tennessee. He was garnered by Marion Hobby.

I'm not high on Davis. I like the speed and first step obviously and that is why he makes so many plays at Bamberg. His motor seems good, which is most important. This is a take based on potential in 2 years, and I wouldn't mind a take for that reason if you've already landed the big fish that I've been moaning about us missing on for the last 3 or 4 cycles. However, since we don't get the big fish, I just don't agree with the take at this time.

Davis is an athlete who happens to be on defense, but I just don't see the fundamentals here. We've taken athletes before and its hit or miss. Kourtnei Brown was a phenomenal athlete while Beasley languished until finding his position. His other film shows him playing all over the field. Just looking at him, he's in the physical mold of Beasley, in that he has to sit the bench two years to put on enough muscle to play, because he's way too scrawny to play now. In 2 years I see him as a 3rd down specialist speed rusher.