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WR Deon Cain Commits to Clemson

Deon Cain (6'1, 190), a WR from Tampa Bay FL, committed to Clemson this afternoon as we've been expecting. Cain had offers from nearly everyone, as he was ranked 151 by Rivals nationally as an athlete. Clemson is recruiting him as a WR, which is the spot he ends up playing the most in camps. He was an early FSU lean with offers from Florida, Bama, Miami, UGA, Nebraska and Ohio State.

Cain is a bigtime talent, and I'd agree with his ratings based on potential. However, he does not play WR in HS, he's a QB. Generally the best athletes around the Upstate are playing QB so most of you understand that, Shaq Davidson being a recent example, because you always want the ball in his hands as a coach. His lack of PT at WR means he is not polished as a WR. He has to learn how to block, which I don't see on any film. He has to learn how to run better routes, but in camps he has run them very well. Hands look good. He's fast but quicker and more fluid than being an outright blazer. Change of direction is good, indicating good hip flexibility. The reports on his personality say that he's a gamer, but quiet like our last two great WRs.

When I look at his film I see another Artavis Scott, who will play quite a bit this fall.

Cain projects as a 5 or a 2 in Clemson's system, but probably starting out at 5. 5 plays in the slot on the Field side, while the 2 does more motion and plays wide on the Field side. Sammy Watkins played 2 most of his time here. Nuk Hopkins played the 9, on the Boundary.

Cain was recruited by both Jeff Scott and Elliott, who share bordering territories in Florida. He is now our 2nd high profile WR recruit for the cycle, with Shadell Bell being the other. Cain's friend and also-highly-rated friend Ray Ray McCloud III was also in attendance at the commitment ceremony. McCloud is listed as an athlete, but I see a WR when I look at him, who could possibly flip to CB if the need arises. I'd now project McCloud to Clemson as well.

Not that STS cares about recruiting services and their ratings, but we are now ranked #2 nationally by Rivals. This obviously will not hold up until February because a lot of the big boys haven't committed, but it does help us build more momentum through the next two months when I expect us to completely fill our 25 slots.