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Clemson Extends Brad Brownell's Contract

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

The official release with terms below:

CLEMSON -- Clemson University and head basketball coach Brad Brownell agreed to a new six-year deal, the athletic department announced today.

"Brad has done a tremendous job building a solid foundation for our basketball program," director of athletics Dan Radakovich said. "I have the utmost confidence in Brad to continue to build as we compete in the nation's best basketball conference. We're excited to have him lead our program into the future for a long time to come."

In four seasons at Clemson, Brownell has compiled a 74-58 record and taken the Tigers to one NCAA Tournament and one NIT berth. The 2013-14 team rejuvenated the fan base with a thrilling season that finished with a 23-13 record and a trip to New York City for the NIT semifinals. Clemson improved by 10 wins over 2012-13, matching the school record for the best single-season improvement. The Tigers also doubled their conference win total over the previous season, becoming just the fourth team in Clemson history to reach double digit ACC wins.

"I am thrilled to be the head basketball coach at Clemson and take great pride in the many accomplishments of our players on and off the court," Brownell said. "I look forward to building on the success of this past season and believe there is a great deal of positive momentum within the program. I would like to thank Dan Radakovich, President Jim Clements and the Board of Trustees for their confidence in my leadership for the future of our basketball program. I would also like to thank my coaching staff, as well as our current and former players for their hard work and contributions."

The terms are that the base salary has been raised from the current $1.2 million by about 500K, with raises each year of the deal. The new ACC hiring of late would've put him near the bottom of the conference salary range, this puts him more in the middle.

Base Salary
2015-16: $1.65 mil
2016-17: $1.7 mil
2017-18: $1.8 mil
2018-19: $1.9 mil
2019-20: $2 mil

Buyout on Clemson's end to fire him

5+ seasons left: $5 mil
4: $5 mil
3: $3.5 mil
2: $3 mil
1: $3 mil

His buyout when a suitor comes calling, which they will if he's winning at all in the ACC:

5+: $1.5 mil
4: $1.5 mil
3: $1 mil
2: $900,000
1: $500,000

It was pretty much a definite that Brownell would get a salary bump from Clemson after this season's NIT run whether you agreed with it or not. My opinion is that since I predicted this team would make it to the NITs, that I don't see any reason why they should have given him a raise based on performance. They made it to NY, which is a little further than i would've picked us to get in the preseason, but them finishing where I thought they should finish doesn't equate to a $500,000 raise. I already knew he was a quality coach and could get them there, and if they didn't I'd have called for his firing. Had they not lost to a couple teams in December that they shouldn't have, they could've made the NCAAs. An NCAA-berth would've been worthy of a salary bump. Based on this season, I would've given him an extension however, and I feel like he deserves that.

But once again, I have issue with DRad's buyout provisions. All the risk is again assumed by Clemson. Now we really can't fire him, and the line between NIT and sitting at home is pretty damn thin. This team could take a step back for the next two years to the 15 win level and we couldn't get rid of him if we wanted. If he does well, no big boy opposing school is going to bat an eye to paying Brownell's buyout clause, and only the big boys are going to pull him.

At this point, I'm almost convinced that Radakovich would be stupid enough to give Jack Leggett an extension and a huge raise with a ridiculous buyout, hampering the baseball program further. if he does something this colossally stupid and Clements approves we should run both of them out of town.