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mid-May Sunday Thoughts

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We are getting into "that time of the year" now.  Spring sports are winding down, school sessions are entering the summer period, and the biggest football news will no doubt be linked to the Dabo Swinney Camps.  Clemson always seems to pull talent at those camps so we'll obviously keep an eye on what's going on there.

This baseball season cannot end soon enough.  This is the worst campaign in my memory and there has to be change at the top--as the 2014 season has been unacceptable by Clemson standards.  The guys who come to mind first for me as Leggett replacements are established names like Tim Corbin and Kevin O'Sullivan, I don't realistically think either would leave his current job so Clemson will likely need to go out and take a chance on an up and coming coach.  I'll be perfectly honest and say that I want new blood in the program.  Jerry Meyers and Jim Toman are names I've heard whispers about.  Meyers' return to Carolina definitely improved their pitching staff though I wasn't overly impressed with his stint as head man at Old Dominion--especially his last couple years there.  Toman is a stud recruiter who has been successful at Liberty.  If Clemson was able to land him we'd certainly begin to actually recruit the states of North Carolina and South Carolina.  I've complained over and over about Jack neglecting in-state baseball recruiting and would definitely embrace a guy like Toman who has NC State roots and will do a jam up job pulling local talent.

The baseball team as it stands won the BC series taking 2/3 at home.  They really needed a sweep against a poor Boston College team but considering the way this year has gone, I am just happy we were able to take the series and beat Furman in Greenville earlier in the week.  Clemson really needs to win a couple games in the ACC Tournament.  They'll probably make the tournament no matter the outcome but will likely end the season in Columbia yet again.

Clemson golf fell a couple shots short of advancing to the national tournament.  The Tigers played very well early but could not put it all together on Saturday.  This is disappointing given their good play early on and the fact that one hole (17 up at Sugar Grove) was the root of their late regional tournament letdown.  I am encouraged about the future of this team.  Clemson is stacked with young talent.  I've been hearing about Carson Young (Pendleton) for years now and he is as good as advertised.  He finished in the Top 10 in the regional which makes him one of a handful of Clemson freshmen to do such.  Clemson counted only scores of freshmen and sophomores so one would think the next two years are almost guaranteed to be big ones for Clemson golf.

I am going to get a little off topic and discuss an item I noticed yesterday.  We ordered Chinese Delivery last night but I really wasn't feeling the Chinese portion.  Long and short, ordered hot wings.  I have been debating ordering wings from the Chinese restaurant for years now--mostly because they are cheap.  I'll say, for costing about $5 for a dozen, they were not bad at all.  I'll say that these are every bit as good as the wings from Dominos.  While we are on the subject of wings, some of the best restaurant wings I've encountered lately are attributed to the Fatz.  Pretty much everything at Fatz is good but their wings are off the chain.  I like to get a combination of the hot and carolina gold sauces.  The real key, though, is to request they grill the wings instead of frying them.  If they are busy, this will take time but I assure you it is well worth the wait.  I plan to put some wings on the grill soon and will be sure to properly document the effort and share the results.

Everyone enjoy the nice weather and we'll continue these discussions moving forward.