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Swept By Miami, Will Jack Leggett go?

While I have not written about Clemson baseball as much this season, I have certainly been watching this disaster of a season. I have said many times that 2008 was the worst Clemson baseball team in my memory. That team lost because it had poor talent and bad coaching to go with it. This team has Omaha talent and enough experience to get there, and plays far below it.

We have lost every meaningful series of the season. Clemson got swept by SC, FSU 2-1 at home, NC State 2-1 at home,  UVA 2-1, and now swept by Miami at home. We've lost to Liberty and Western Carolina and Georgia in midweek games. Several of you have seen these games and we had no business losing several of them.

Strangely enough we're a very good contact hitting squad. We don't have the greatest plate discipline, still don't hit in the clutch, but we have some guys who can hit the ball. Several guys are hitting around or above .300. Clemson leads the ACC in team BA.

Our pitching has been terrible beyond Goose and Crownover. Team ERA is 3.96, 3rd from last. We have the strongest group of arms here since O'Sullivan left, and they are terrible. Jake Long has been awful on Sundays, Schmidt and Erwin have stunk it up several times and Pohle, who I thought would end up starting again, lost his confidence. We have no one in the pen besides Campbell or Moyer who can hold the opposition down.

And defensively we are absolutely terrible. Clemson ranks next-to-last in team FP.

Several years ago I called for Jack to resign. People didn't like it. I'm tired of seeing us not be able to play fundamental baseball. I'm tired of seeing other schools in-state take the local talent that Jack didn't want and win. LeCroy can't rebuild all the bridges that Jack burned down. I'm sick of seeing Clemson hitters look at strike 3 with men on base. Now I see only apathy from those that want Clemson baseball to be good. Apathy is the biggest problem for College baseball as a whole. The real baseball fans know Jack will not retire and have no faith in the administration making a change given his tenure here. Coaches do build up "money in the bank" with me, but Jack exhausted his supply long ago. I was a strong supporter while I was at Clemson, and I gave up on him. Until Clemson fans make it known that Jack needs to go, there won't be a change. If he stays and Pepicelli leaves, this team will limp along, have a few good years, but will always fail in the clutch and in the postseason.

If Clemson baseball will ever even become the best team in the state again, Jack Leggett needs to go. He can save face and resign, or just be fired outright.

Will Radakovich make that change?