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Clemson Guard Adonis Filer to Transfer

As reported by, Adonis Filer will transfer from Clemson University following the Spring semester.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Adonis Filer is a 6'2" sophomore combo-guard who averaged 14.7 minutes per game. He provided Clemson with a willing shooter who could create his own shot while bringing toughness and athleticism on the defensive end. He also ended last season with an eFG% of just 40.4 and a team-high turnover rate of 26.5. He has announced that he will transfer at the completion of this semester. We wish him the best of luck at his new home.

With the logjam at the guard positions, and the need to free up one more scholarship to accommodate the two incoming freshman (Gabe DeVoe and Donte Grantham), an early departure was inevitable. We briefly discussed who would be the odd man out in our forthcoming in-depth season review post. Adonis Filer was not a name that we considered as he was the primary back-up for Rod Hall, however with Hall averaging 33.2 MPG, that isn't an especially crucial role. We expect Jordan Roper and/or Gabe DeVoe to fill the role very capably. Hopefully this is the only departure from the team, meaning K.J. will be back for a special senior season.

Please be on the lookout for our season review article, which we are very excited to publish!