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2014 Spring Game Open Thread

Tyler Smith

Spring drills end today with the 2014 Clemson Football Spring Game.  This is a great time for the fans to see all players in Death Valley.  Most interesting is the offensive side of the football.  Here, the Tigers must replace key players all over the place.  The focus of most fans will be under center where all expect to see the battle continue to better understand who will be the starting QB this fall.  Additionally, there will be competitions along the offensive line, at the runningback spot, and at wide receiver.  The biggest concern on the other side of the football has to be the defensive backfield where the Tigers replace cornerbacks and hope to improve at the safety spot.  For the first time in many years, we'll rely on someone other than Catman to drill field goals and extra points as well.

The weather should be nice today, so I encourage everyone to head to Clemson and take in the afternoon.  If you cannot get to Tigertown, ESPNU will televise the event at 4 PM EDT.  We encourage everyone to use the comments section below as an open thread to discuss your thoughts on the Spring game.  This should be an excellent afternoon for sports with great weather.  As we always caution, remember this is not a real game but a glorified practice.  We've seen Spring Game All-America candidates year after year who don't even sniff the field.  As such, cautiously watch this event and look for basic items and fundamentals.  Spring Practice is a teaching opportunity.  Coaches aren't particularly preparing for the next week's opponent but are trying to work with everyone to gain overall improvement.  Keep this in mind.  Today is the highlight of the Spring but the last month's sessions combined with the first couple weeks of fall camp are used to instill basic fundamentals and evaluate all roster players.  Enjoy the afternoon.