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March Madness Bracket Contest

The mothership has offered us the prize of a free t-shirt to the winner of our March Madness pool. We'll take that and add bragging rights.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation has offered us the opportunity to hold a site wide NCAA March Madness contest in which they will give promo code for a free t-shirt to the winner of our sites winner (link to site store). This isn't among all of SB Nation, just our readers and writers, so I don't expect hundreds upon hundreds or participants or anything crazy like that. I expect us to have a reasonable number of participants and thus you will have reasonable chance to win.

We'll be focusing our attention on the NIT, but it is still fun to cheer against our fellow ACC teams in the big dance.

A few simple steps to join:

  1. First register with SB Nation's contest by clicking here and filling out their brief form. You won't be eligible for the promo code if you don't register here. I'd just use your SB Nation name as your bracket name to make it simple, and so you can claim bragging rights.

  2. Then just join our pool on Yahoo and make sure you use the same name you registered with.

With all our discussion of advanced stats, I recommend you check out KenPom's Log5 projections. Actually, don't, I want that t-shirt, just pick randomly.