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K.J. McDaniels Gets His Just Due

1st Team All ACC and All Defensive Team for the junior swing man.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

It was over a month ago when we at STS declared that K.J. McDaniels should get serious consideration for the first team All ACC squad. Today it was made official that the media has indeed recognized K.J. for that justly deserved honor. When you hear his name mentioned with the likes of Josh Howard from Wake Forest and Shane Battier from Duke, you begin to realize what kind of impact the guy has had on the floor.

It would be interesting to research how many have gone from the production line McDaniels had as a freshman (3.4 points per game) to the type of numbers he has put up this year to garner this honor. Chances are it would be a very short list and a real testament to the work McDaniels has put into his game and the work of the coaching staff. Clemson invited its greats back to campus for the Pitt game and there is no doubt that McDaniels has carved his name into that group. We just hope we get to see another season of #32 in the Orange, White, and Purple next year.

As a side note, I thought it would be interesting to poll our readers about what matchup they prefer for Thursday night. Would you like Georgia Tech, whom the Tigers have already beaten twice, or Boston College? Two extremely different matchups to be sure. I personally feel beating a team three times in a year is very tough when the talent is close, and it is close with GT. Both of these teams have claimed big road victories down the stretch. GT offers the inside power of Daniel Miller (3rd team All ACC) and Robert Carter, Jr. BC comes with very good offensive skill and shooting, led by 3rd team All ACC Olivier Hanlan (who dropped 40 in the tourney last year). Stay tuned to STS for the coverage of ACC tournament action.