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The 10 Feelings Of Every Fan On Signing Day

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Ten Feelings For Every Fan On Signing Day

It is the single biggest day in the college football offseason. Based on what happens, your team is guaranteed to be the next national champion, or destined for ineptitude at 0-12. The truth is somewhere in between, but it is no exaggeration to say that this may be the most overhyped day of the year.

In honor of that we present the 10 emotions every fan will feel today. Your singing day isn't complete if you don't ping pong around these emotions faster than a Tajh Boyd floater.

1. Anger - It will happen once, usually early in the day before your morning coffee. That recruit every insider guaranteed was coming to your school? Yea, he isn't coming anymore. It doesn't matter this kid won't contribute for the next 3 years, and eventually he ends up dropping out and going to a JUCO in Alaska, right now the world is ending. Feel free to throw things at your TV, it's worth it.

2. Glee - This is all about the unexpected recruit. The kid who has you in his top 5, but no one gave you a shot. Everyone expects him to go to Auburn, but apparently the check got lost in the mail and his arrival at your school is imminent. That little smile that wants to break out? Go ahead and let it, it is OK to enjoy the moment.

3. Depression - The world is officially ending. That 5-star recruit from a town you can't even pronounce isn't coming. He was the crown jewel of your recruiting class, and now all the pundits can talk about is how you have this huge gaping hole in the class. Scouts and Rivals have already dropped your class out of the top 25, and it just gets worse. You can't talk, you can't eat, all you really want to do is climb into bed and cry. It makes that time you caught your girlfriend in bed with another guy pale in comparison.

4. Spite - Your favorite recruit just decided to mosey down the interstate, clearly the other school is paying him. And if they're not paying him they did something else just as dirty. Maybe they gave his mom a job, or know a guy who knows a guy. Regardless, they are clearly cheating and the NCAA has to be informed. Just make sure you don't bring your "encouragement" money with you to file the complaint.

5. Happy - Everything is going to be OK! Everyone is signing, no one is leaving our greatest school to ever grace the face of the Earth, and we are definitely winning the national championship next year. If you feel anything like this get your friend to slap you across the face. Clearly everything is going to turn for the worse soon, and reducing expectations will make things better.

6. Smug - It is always nice to one-up a rival. Even better when it involves your rival feeling high and mighty only to sudden have the ball pulled out of their hands. One recruit is going to do something that hurts your rival and helps you. Even if your school doesn't get the kid, he's going somewhere else which is always a cause for celebration. Here is where you can let that smirk out. Make sure to complete the smugness by harassing all of your friends that root for MOST HATED RIVAL about a kid who has done nothing.

7. Shame - Around 2pm there is going to be a point where you wonder what you are doing with yourself. That moment comes when you realize your happiness on the day is revolving around the decision of a group of teenagers. You've followed them on Twitter, paid $10 a month to track their every thought, heck you may have even sent them a few tweets. That sudden realization of just what you are doing comes crashing down. Remember, caring is creepy.

8. Joy - Honestly I blame ESPN for this one. Gone are the days of just waiting for schools to release the list of commits to the media. Now kids are getting on TV for a 30 second announcement involving hats. Remember Alexander last year? You can't tell me you were just sitting there quietly. There were a few fist pumps, maybe some shouting, heck if you were on campus a beer or two wouldn't have been a shock. It is OK, no one judged you during your few seconds of jubilation.

9. Relief - It is possibly the best feeling in the world. The coach has talked to the media about the new recruits, the official list of LOIs has been released, and the madness of the day has finally ended. Everyone can relax and enjoy the approximately 30 seconds of basking in the glow of a successful class. Even if your class isn't good you can at least be happy it is over. Hopefully this strange day never comes again.

10. Anticipation - Only 365 days until the next signing day! Why don't we have any 2015 commits?