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The 2014 Clemson Tiger Recruiting Class

Streeter Lecka

Recruit - Proj. position at CU - HS - any film I can get - vitals - rankings from Rivals and some of our thoughts after looking at their film.

Enrolled (5):

Kyrin Priester - WR - Brookwood HS, Snellville GA - film 1, 2, 3 - 6'1 181 4.55 40 3-star WR/4-star out of prep - #51 player in Georgia, #77 WR nationally out of HS. Former NC State commit, who flipped after Mike Reed was hired. After looking over his film, I'd call Priester a Humphries clone in some ways, but with a little more speed like Hopkins. What stands out is that he's a football player, not an athlete playing football. He played defense, and is not scared to block someone as many WRs are. He's not super-fast, and probably not any faster than Nuk, so he's not the type to really stretch a defense. He's more along the lines of a shorter slot/possession receiver who knows how to get open because he runs crisp routes. Due to WR numbers, and having spent a year at Prep, he will play, probably in the slot. Recruited by Mike Reed.

Demarre Kitt - WR - Sandy Creek HS, Tyrone GA - film, 2, 3 - 6'1 195 4.59 40 4-star WR - #11 player in GA, #16 WR nationally and #121 overall player. Smooth route runner with good hands. Kitt is willing to get hit on crossing routes and fight for those tough yards in the middle. His upper body is very well developed for a WR and he'll go up and get the football. Of our WR commits, this one is the most polished all around and I'd expect him to get early PT. Likely projects for the 2 or 5 position in the offense and we doubt he takes a RS. Good relationship with D. Watson likely sealed this commitment. Recruited by Jeff Scott.

Chris Register - LB/DE - Dudley HS, Greensboro NC - film, 2, 3 -6'4 240 4.53 40 4-star WDE - #17 player in NC and #24 WDE nationally. Plays MIKE/MAC in Dudley's 3-4 scheme, but we could see him doing either depending on how he gains weight. A big LB that can run well. Plays too high, which is common for a 6'4 LB. Register makes plays on the ball when its in front of him, tackles well, but in coverage he needs a lot of work, which is why he dropped out of the Rivals250. Tends to play too physical and uses his size and strength in coverage more than technique. Recruited by Robbie Caldwell with Mike Reed.

Artavis Scott - WR - East Lake HS, Tarpon Springs FL - film, 2, 3, 4, 5 - 5'11 180 4.62 40 4-star WR - #9 WR nationally, #68 player overall and #9 player in Florida. Scott is super-quick and really gets by in HS on his superior speed rather than route running technique. He has some of Ellington in him in that he gets from 0-60 lightning-fast, and is hard to get a good hit on, but lacks the top gear of a Spiller. He takes long strides like CJ did though. His hands need polishing but he fights for the ball. His HS uses him as a KR/PR so there is the ability there, and we can see his change of direction (hips) is very good. We do not expect him to RS due to numbers. Recruited by Jeff Scott.

Deshaun Watson - QB - Gainesville HS, GA - film, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - 6'3 195lb 4.89 40 5-star QB. #1 QB in the country, #2 player in Georgia and #31 player nationally. Probably the best QB signee that Clemson has ever pulled. His film is better than Tajh's was, as a pass-first QB. He's accurate (70+ %), he has a quick release, and has a strong arm. Throws well on the move and has tremendous vision. According to his coach, he puts plenty of time in the film room and has really started focusing on his footwork in the pocket. Accounted for 3000+ passing and 1000 rushing at Gainesville this year, with over 12,000 yards in his career as a 4 year starter in 5A football. We are hopeful that he can take a RS in 2014 and then take off from there. Recruited by The Chad.

Signed LOI

Adam Choice - RB - Thomas Cty Central, Thomasville GA - film, 2 - 5'9' 205lb 4.5 40 4-star RB. #10 RB in nation, #9 player in GA and 109 player overall, which I believe is too high. Actually plays QB in a flexbone offense, so he doesn't do all the things we look for on RB film. He does not block, so this will need serious work to play, and does not catch many passes. He has good speed and often runs Midline or Belly runs off the tackle, and once he gets out there he does damage. He doesn't run as much between the tackles other than Midline. Good low center of gravity and tough to bring down, good hip quickness and flexibility too. Choice is a candidate to play baseball. Likely will be a RS in 2014 to work on blocking and receiving, but with the open spot he could get PT. Choice was recruited by Danny Pearman.

Justin Falcinelli - OL - Middletown HS, Maryland - film - 6'5 300lb 3-star OT. #12 player in Maryland and #38 OT nationally. More refined as a run blocker than in passing since his HS runs the option, and we'd project him to play Guard or possibly Right Tackle at Clemson. Played at a small school and the competition was not good at all, but on film he does get to the next level well and has good feet, but needs to work on getting his pads lower. Will take a Redshirt in 2014. Mike Reed recruits this area for Clemson.

CJ Fuller - RB/DB - Easley HS, SC - film - 5'10 206lb 4.59 40 3-star RB - Has clocked as low as 4.47. Ran a 10.39 100m. Not ranked in state. Garnered a lot of interest after a big Junior season at Easley in which he averaged 10.1 ypc and finished with 2,088 yards in a Flexbone offense. Fuller is suited to a zone running game and likes to cut once and then go. With our limited numbers I was not thrilled with this take at the RB position and felt we could pull a better all-around back. No evidence of receiving ability or blocking that I can find. Fuller has been promised a shot at RB, especially considering the lower body weight gains, but many project as a CB. Fuller's grades are an issue, and he is not expected to make it in by August. He's likely prep bound. If he gets in he'll RS. Fuller was recruited by Chad Morris initially, along with Elliott.

Jefferie Gibson - S - Grays Creek HS, Hope Mills NC - film, 2 - 6'3 191lb 4.5 40 3-star Safety - #51 safety nationally and #25 player in NC. I think he's a bit underrated. Good agility and good hip flex from this guy, who is tall enough that he could end up coming down as a hybrid SAM if he puts on more weight. Tackles well and could be a run stuffing SS as he grows. Gibson has good ball skills as he also played WR and was recruited to that spot by NC State. Will redshirt due to numbers at the position. Recruited by Dan Brooks.

Taylor Hearn - OT - Williston Elko HS, SC - film - 6'5 305lb 5.2 40 3-star OT - #18 player in SC and #52 OT nationally. Pretty good run blocker who stays low, and plays with a bit of an attitude. He pulls well in his schools wishbone offense. I like that he remains in contact until the whistle, which few of our current players seem to like doing. A Guard or RT projection in college. Will RS in 2014. His brother Ryan Hearn was a walk-on under Bowden. Recruited by Marion Hobby.

Kendall Joseph - MLB - BHP HS, Belton SC - film, 2, 3 - 5'11 228lb 4.68 40 3-star ILB - Ran a 4.9 40 at the Shrine Bowl Combine last year. Not ranked in-state. One thing that jumps out on Joseph is his aggression. He really likes to get in there and fill the hole, and is not shy about taking on blockers. Tackling is good but he takes them too high. He scrapes pretty well to the outside on outside plays as well, but I see some hip stiffness a la Justin Parker. Rarely do we get that fixed in the Batson program, and it'll be a liability in the passing game, particularly if he has to play M2M. 3-time state weightlifting champion. Should take a RS in 2014. His area recruiter is Chad Morris, but Joseph really connected with Brent Venables so he gets the credit.

Jae'lon Oglesby - RB - Daniel HS, Clemson SC - film, 2, 3, 4 - 5'11 175 4.4 40 4-star RB - #2 player in SC, #7 All-purpose RB and #178 player nationally. This is a wow guy and a speed burner, one move and he's gone. Very quick feet, good hands in the passing game, very fluid hips, good balance and vision. Obviously he'll need to bulk up to play RB, but he's electric with the ball in his hands. I could see opportunities as a slot WR or KR as well. Oglesby has a grades issue at was originally expected to be JUCO-bound, but may now qualify for August. I still see him as a prep placement. If he gets in, I wouldn't be surprised to see him play, but he needs the RS to play RB and add weight. Chad Morris is the area recruiter but you can call this a staff commit since he's right there. Is the nephew of Javis Austin and cousins with DeShawn Williams and Terry Smith.

Milan Richard - TE - Calvary Baptist HS, Savannah GA - film, 2, 3, 4 - 6'2 233 4-star TE - #6 TE nationally, #15 player in GA and #191 overall player, which I think is low. Nephew of Herschel Walker wanted to play with Kitt and Watson, and thats how Clemson got him. Very good speed and can beat people up the seam, good height (closer to 6'4) and fluid in his routes. Not as developed in the lower body as Dwayne Allen and needs footwork coaching, but is the best we've signed at the spot since Allen. Blocking looks good as a starting point but he flexes out a lot in the passing offense his HS runs. Should RS in 2014 due to guys ahead of him, but has the talent to play. Recruiter of record is Jeff Scott, with assistance from Pearman and The Chad.

Jabril Robinson - DT - North Brunswick, Leland NC - film - 6'3 264 4.9 40 3-star DT. Pretty raw as a player, seems like a guy who was introduced to football later on, or hasn't been coached properly. He is just a big guy that can run and he has good feet it seems, with a good motor which is most important on the interior DL. His pads must come down however. I would project him as a smaller 3-tech DT or Strongside DE in the mold of Barnes, because I just don't know if this one will get over 300lbs. Wasn't a highly pursued player due to grades, so he may be a prep placement. I would not have taken this player because Clemson's depth chart here is strong enough that we could've been far more selective with the one take at DT. Will RS if he makes it in. Recruited by Dan Brooks.

Korie Rogers - OLB - Buford HS, Georgia - film, 2 - 6'2 218 4.66 40 4-star OLB - #5 player in GA, #4 OLB nationally and #67 overall player. Rogers plays the way a LB should, he's mean and he likes to hit people. He makes plays in open space and his coverage skills are pretty good. He excels at hit & shed, pass rushes well, and his pads stay low. Definitely the best LB signee since Anthony/Steward. The only neg against him is is outright speed and hip flexibility needs some work. I could see him at the SAM or MIKE spot in a regular 4-3, but with the way Venables uses his SAM to walk out, he likely shifts over to WILL. I could see Rogers playing in 2014. Rogers was recruited by Tony Elliott with Venables assistance.

Cannon Smith - TE/OT - Hammond School, Columbia SC - 6'5 235lb 4.7 40 3-star TE - #21 TE nationally and #16 player in state. Son of BOT Member and former Clemson player Bill Smith, who played on the 1981 team at DE. Looks better as a run blocker than as a receiver, but has pretty good hands in the limited film. I think he ends up moving to OT. Our standing opinion on legacies are that if they can play at all, you should offer and try to get them, so we back this take. Will Redshirt in 2014. Recruited officially by Venables, but this one is a no-brainer.

Trevion Thompson - WR - Hillside HS, Durham NC - film, 2, 3 - 6'3 184 4.5 40 4-star WR. Note that 40 times for him are hard to find, and he ran a 4.73 at a camp. Rated #5 player in NC by Rivals, #22 WR nationally and the #152 player overall nationally. Thompson is not a super-fast runner, but runs good routes, fair hip quickness and great hands. I could see him at the 5 spot to start out in the offense and eventually move to the 9 position on the boundary side. This one looks like he'll be a big play receiver if his speed gets consistently into the 4.5 range. Due to numbers, we could see him contributing this season. Thompson's official recruiter is Robbie Caldwell, with assistance from Jeff Scott.

Richard Yeargin III - OLB - University School, Ft Lauderdale FL - film, 2, 3, 4 - 6'3 216lb 3-star OLB - #24 OLB nationally and #51 player in FL. I think thats low, and it has dropped from a former 4-star ranking in August, where I believe he belongs. Plays a rush linebacker position in a 3-4 defense where he has racked up plenty of sacks. Possible candidate to grow into a WDE as he puts on weight in college. However, he does have good coverage skills and plays with good anticipation and instincts for a LB. Due to numbers ahead of him at LB and DE, he should RS, but I think he could play. Recruited by Brent Venables.

Alex Spence - PK - West Florence HS, SC - 6'2 190lbs - Note that this is a grayshirt offer, Spence intends to walk-on in 2014 and he has been given word that he will be placed on scholarship NLT January 2014. #9 Kicker nationally. As a junior, he hit 11 of 13 with a long of 43, 50/54 PATs and 42 touchbacks. Has kicked in competitions up to 50. Has a 39.3 punt average. Recruited by Pearman.

Jalen Williams - MLB - Blythewood HS, SC - film, 2 - 5'11 220lb 3-star ILB - This is a grayshirt offer, same as above, but we also expect him in by January if not before. Not ranked in state. Williams really is a camp find, and was unheralded otherwise. Has good footwork for the position and Venables really wanted him. Has enough quickness to make plays in the tackle box and cover some RBs, but lacks elite speed. Will RS if he gets in, or possibly play ST. I do not think he's an upgrade over any others and we didn't need to take another LB in the class. Recruited by Venables.