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2015 QB Tucker Israel Commits to Clemson

Tyler Smith

Tucker Israel, a Quarterback from Lake Nona (Orlando), committed to Clemson today for the 2015 class. Israel is 6'0 190-195 lbs, and has received an offer from the Florida Gators and several other smaller schools.

Israel is rated a low 3-star by Rivals, and I'd say thats pretty spot on based on the film. He could come up to a 5.7 with a good senior year and improvement on his arm strength, or if he grows another 2 inches. He's more of a complimentary guy who you need to fill the roster, and who could be called on to play someday if a starter graduates/leaves or gets injured, and who would be serviceable in that role, like a Stoudt. Stoudt has done well enough that he deserves his shot and Israel seems to be capable of doing similarly here.

From his film, he appears capable of making all the throws in our system, with decent zip on the longer stuff with pretty good touch. His throws are high arcing throws when he goes deep, like floaters. I don't think he has quite the arm strength to get those past deep safeties in college, but it appears his strength has improved markedly from his freshman film to his junior year.  His film shows he's much better at executing his team's apparent Air Raid-like scheme well too now. I do like that he sets his feet before he throws the ball. If he was 2 inches taller he'd probably have many more offers.

Tucker put up very good numbers at Lake Nona, including 450 yards rushing and nearly 4000 passing with 40 TDs and 10 INTs this past season, and a 66% completion rate. He put up 3600 and 2900 the previous two seasons respectively, to go with 67 TDs and 21 INTs combined.

Clemson is set on taking 2 QBs in the 2015 class, and we expect that we'll need them as depth. Its highly unlikely we hold onto both Kelly and Watson for the full term. Clemson is mainly after Kelly Bryant from Wren HS, who may be leaning towards NC State. He is the primary want at the remaining spot.

Israel was recruited by Chad Morris.