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Clemson To Hire Brandon Streeter as QB Coach

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Clemson has filled their lone coaching vacancy with the hiring of former QB Brandon Streeter as their QB coach.

Tyler Smith/Getty Images

Streeter, a Clemson QB from 1995-1999, will be leaving his position as offensive coordinator at the University of Richmond to join Dabo's staff. Though the announcement is not official, it will be once background checks and a final deal are completed, hopefully by the end of this week.

While at Richmond, Streeter presided over an offense that managed to set every single game and season passing record in 2012. The Spiders advanced to the second round of the FCS playoffs this year and averaged over 30 points per game under his direction. Before Richmond, Streeter coached at Liberty for 6 seasons as a QB coach and OC. Prior to that he spent 2 seasons at Clemson as a GA under Tommy Bowden and 2 seasons as a QB and RB coach at Charleston Southern while performing duties as a recruiting coordinator.

I like this hire a lot. Yes, it may not be a splashy name like grabbing some private QB consultant, but this is probably one of the best hires Dabo could make. QB coachs can be difficult to find. Most OCs are also the QB coach which reduces the ability to go to a small school and hire away their QB coach. Normally you are going to be asking an OC from a smaller school to take a lesser job in exchange for higher pay. Streeter being a Clemson QB that has succeeded while coaching elsewhere has helped too, and I imagine he will relish the opportunity to work with Deshaun Watson. Streeter has a track record of turning out some decent QBs at Liberty and Richmond, though he will certainly have less work to do with Watson.

For now this hire means the coaching staff is full barring any shocking developments such as Venables leaving or miracles moving Pearman to an administrative role.