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College Football Team Superlatives

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Who was overrated? Who over-achieved? Are you over it all? Time to award our team Superlatives.

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Over-Achieving Team: They've been in the bottom half of the conference's recruiting ranking the past four years and their mediocre defense - which thrashed by Georgia Southern - shows it. They likely would have lost to Clemson with a healthy Deshaun Watson and Georgia with a healthy Todd Gurley. They lost to a 6-6 UNC team and to Duke at home. That said, catching breaks is part of having a good season and they not only caught a few, but capitalized on every one of them en route to a very good ACC Coastal Championship effort that will send them to the Orange Bowl. They earned it, unfortunately. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Under-Achieving Team: A Georgia team with the best running back corps in the country lost three games they had no business losing. Despite beating Clemson, Missouri, and Auburn they lost to a South Carolina team that only won two other SEC games (Vanderbilt and Florida). Just as bad was a loss to their arch-rival Gators in Jacksonville. Finally, with a chance to still end the season feeling semi-decent they blew a win that was all but in the books in Athens against Georgia Tech by squib kicking and allowing the Jackets to quickly get into FG position and then following that up with a brutal INT in OT. Georgia Bulldogs

Biggest Disappointment: Oklahoma came into the season as a College Football Playoff favorite, but lost to TCU, Baylor, K-State, and ended their year with a loss to Oklahoma State. They beat rival Texas, a decent WVU team, and Tennessee, but all in all it was a wasted season. Oklahoma Sooners

Most Up-and-Down Offense: At times Clemson looked like a top 10 team. At other times they looked like a team outside the top 40. Their defense is the best in the country and has been fairly consistent, but a lack of depth at quarterback and on the offensive line put them in a quagmire whenever Watson didn't play. Against Georgia, their lack of a vertical passing threat with Watson on the bench rendered their offense punch-less. When Deshaun Watson was in the game against FSU and GT, they were the better team. While out, Clemson's offense sputtered pitifully against the likes of Boston College and Syracuse and completely imploded against Georgia Tech. They were even held scoreless in the second half against Georgia State. If the O-line stayed healthy (e.g., Jay Guillermo and Joe Gore) and Watson was able to take all the important snaps, they very well could have been 11-1 or 12-0. Clemson Tigers

Bad Boy: Whether it was rape accusations, shoplifting, hit-and-runs, vulgar misogynistic public disturbances, or an administration and police department corrupt enough to let it all go unpunished, Florida State was on the Dark Side in 2014. While they were the Death Star for destroying everyone in 2013, they were the Death Star for owning their dark ways in 2014, although they did run the table and win the conference. I suppose they've fully become the Darth Vader/Death Star of college football this year. They're deserving of a chance to defend their title and they'll get it. The entire free world will be cheering against them. May the force be with you Oregon! Florida State Seminoles

Most Improved: In 2013, TCU finished 4-8 and looked like a team still working through the challenging transition from being the little guy from the Mountain West Conference to a legitimate contender in a strong football conference. What a difference a year makes. Last year they lost to Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, and Texas Tech. This year they dispatched all of them with their only loss coming to Baylor. Texas Christian Horned Frogs

Most Overrated: Carolina started the year ranked in the AP Poll, despite a putrid defense. Their offense churned on all cylinders, but their defense still managed to throw away games. They were vastly overrated at the start of the season and we enjoyed their weak 6-6 season. Who are they? South Carolina Gamecocks and North Carolina Tarheels