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Offensive Film Review: Redemption Edition

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Time to take a look at the film during Clemson's marvelous, glorious, gratifying, sensational, orgasmic?...WIN over South Carolina.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Hello fellow Tigers and whoever else may be reading. My excitement is still palpable from this game and will be for another 358 days. Can't wait to talk to my SCar inlaws at Christmas for the first time since I was a freshman in college. This win was too sweet. But, let's get to the review.


Artavis Scott- The Jet (Ha! Get it? RIP SCar's D), Jordan Leggett- Whiffles, Ryan Norton- Turnstile, Reid Webster- Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde (Good Webster/Bad Webster), Germone Hopper- Stonehenge, and Isaiah Battle- Down Goes Frazier

Shorthand to know:

IZ- Inside zone, OZ-Outside zone, ZR- Zone read, RO- Read option, TrO- Triple Option, ExTro- Extended triple Option, PA- Play Action, JS- Jet Sweep, WC- Wildcat, NB- nickelback, LOS- Line of Scrimmage and HR- Hot read.

Let's dive in.

1st Drive

Power left following Dr. Jekyll, nice patience by Wayne Gallman.......PA, Mike Williams runs a square in, nice throw be Deshaun Watson and good catch all the way through....JS to The Jet, Wiliiams with a nice block, Whiffles gets just enough on the NB, their defensive ehd crashed inside following David Beasley on the false pull, this would be a major factor in all of our JS's as most teams would get their ends upfield in the running lane to kill the play...IZ by Gallman, nice block be Whiffles on the DE, Kalon beat across his face and almost blows play up.....WC with The Jet at QB, gain of 4.....PA roll, Watson fires a bullet to a wide open Stonehenge but he drops it, Watson tweaks knee here....Cole Stoudt in, roll screen to Gallman, Kalon can't get to edge in time and Gallman is cut down.....Missed field goal by Ammon Lakip......0-0, All tied up.

2nd Drive

Fake JS, dive by Gallman, gain 2.....PA, great pocket by the line but Watson tries to force it downfield to Sam Cooper, had Gallman wide open in flat.....3rd and 8, Watson steps up into pressure, hits Williams on a skinny post for 26 yards, Watson looked off the safety beautifully.....JS to The Jet, 53 yards later it's a TD, great block upfield in the flat by Cooper....7-7, tied up again.

3rd Drive

Power left, Roderick Byers whipped on the line and Mr. Hyde late on the pull, Gallman lucky to get out of endzone.....Power right, Gallman cuts it back to gain 4 as the D over pursues frontside, END OF 1ST QUARTER....BEGINNING OF 2ND QUARTER, great pocket again for Watson, hits The Jet for the first down, great eyes again by Watson.....JS to The Jet, big gain and great block by Whiffles (WHAT?!?  I can't believe I just typed that)......Dive Gallman for no gain, Down Goes Frazier (DGF) and Turnstile get no push.....PA JS, check down to Adam Humphries, Chad Morris must have gotten onto Watson about the checkdowns after the almost pick.....3rd and 1, IZ and Stanton Seckinger misses backside man on the cut block and it's 4th down....Punt....

4th Drive

Watson pumps deep, hits Whiffles right in the hands but since he has learned to block he had to trade it off by forgetting how to catch....OZ, GREAT seal on the end by Down Goes Frazier and amazing patience by Gallman, he has really progressed in that department....Pitch to Gallman, great block on NB by The Jet, touchdown.....14-7 Tigers

5th Drive

Fake JS, dive Gallman, Mr. Hyde whiffs on his block....OZ, Beasley but upfield and Jay Guillermo hits no one, gains 4.....3rd and 3, nice HR by Watson, hits Williams for 1st down.....JS to The Jet, and they finally defend it, Down Goes Frazier needs to climb to second level....WC, The Jet runs for 5 yards.....WC again on 3rd and 1, gains the one yard, nice clean up on the play by Dr. Jekyll....Power left, Gallman hits the nice hole made by Turnstiles good kickout....Fake JS, Seckinger slips out into the flats and gets his knee obliterated by the tackler....From the 10, Watson scrambles for what should have been a TD but SEC gon' SEC ya dig?....QB sneak next play for 6.....21-7 Tigers

6th Drive

WC with Gallman, gains 2 yards....Quick slant to Whiffles for 8 yards and 1st down....WC with Humphries, Watson limps out wide on the motion (WHY DO WE MOTION?! JUST SET HIM UP OUT THERE), Dr. Jekyll had a nice push on the play...Stoudt back in, dive by Gallman for 9....ZR, Stoudt pulls and picks up first down....Pass by Stoudt and yup. It's been picked off. I just started laughing in the stands. He threw it to where The Jet was not where he was going. Sigh............

7th Drive

Knee down by Stoudt to end the first half.

8th Drive

Power left, Turnstile whipped and Gallman hit for no gain, DGF tries to live up to his nickname here but they get separated before they can truly rumble.....OZ with a fake ZR look, but something must have gotten crossed as Gallman runs left but the line went right, maybe we were banking on the D continuing to follow the motion of the pulling guards...3rd and 7, HR to Whiffles but Watson puts it behind him and he can't get turned back quick enough....Punt

9th Drive

Power right, Gallman had a hole but it was closed down because Beasley and/or Cooper didn't climb to the second level to seal off linebacker....IZ, Turnstile washes NG way out, Webster almost beat on the play....3rd and 3, we motion into a 5 wide set, the D blitzes and Watson gets crushed, nice delay call by Ward here, scary to think if he had the marbles to blitz more what could have happened, ball tipped as it was thrown to Williams, The Jet came open a hair too late....Punt

10th Drive

JS to the Jet, the block by Whiffles is enough and The Jet does the rest...Awesome run. 28-10 Tigers

The Jet

That Run Doh

11th Drive

Dive by Gallman for 3 yards, Turnstile gets blown backwards...Dive by Gallman again, good push by Kalon Davis and Cooper on the end, END OF 3rd QUARTER......BEGINNING OF THE 4th......3rd and 1 and Humphries elects to not block the T.J. Holliman on a sweep to Gallman and he kills Gallman, Cooper was a bit late out to the edge too but this is on Humph....Punt

12th Drive

IZ by Gallman, nice seam made by Davis and Dr. Jekyll.....JS know who by now, but Whiffles falls down on edge and it's a minimal gain (comparatively)......WC Humphries, Mr. Hyde beat inside otherwise it's a big gain....3rd and 5, Williams drops the pass as it was tipped at the LOS, still should have been caught....Punt

13th Drive

IZ, nice washdown by DGF and good kickout by Cooper, Gallman sets up seam by pressing right and cutting inside Cooper on the left, gains 32....IZ and Turnstile and Beasley shoved backwards, Gallman gains 3...OZ, nice wash again by DGF and Dr. Jekyll has a nice kickout, EXCELLENT patience by Gallman and nice edge set by Whiffles....IZ Gallman and Whiffles kicks the end out again (WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE)....Pitch to Gallman, The Jet couldn't seal the NB on the crack block to make the seam.....QB Power on 3rd and 1, Watson gets the 1st but why in the hell are we running this play....Dive by Gallman and he foolishly holds the ball out with his hand, Dabo lost his mind on this on the sidelines....QB sneak times two to get the score.......35-17 Tigers

This game was by far the best performance by our offensive line all year. Hands down, no question. Our tight ends best game blocking for sure too. And how about those freshmen? DW, Gallman, Scott.....absolutely filthy. This offense should be a nightmare as long as we can get continuity up front with the young bloods coming in. As everyone has said, look to 2016 as a barometer of how far Dabo and Co can really take this team (and pray to whatever higher power you like that we keep Brent Venables that long). Now let's do some player grades.

Player Grades


All American: 9.5-10, All ACC: 8.0-9.5, Solid: 6.0-7.9, Average: 4.0-5.9, Hot Seat: 0.0-3.9

All American

Wayne Gallman (9.6)- He was excellent all day. He ran with violence, vision, and patience. Sure Scars D is soft but if you're averaging over 7 a carry you're doing really well no matter the D. And he was solid in blocking. Great day for him.

Artavis Scott (9.5)- He did it all on this day and he was nearly unstopable on the edges. Granted he can't take all the credit as the downfield blocking was great too but he did it all on that one run. The future is bright.


Deshaun Watson (9.3)- We all bared witness. One leg?! Are you serious?! Granted he had a line playing out of their minds and the two guys above making great plays but wow. 2 rushing TD's without an ACL. That's But hey, Dabo. SIT HIM IN THE BOWL GAME, it better just be a ploy to get a nicer game by saying that he will play.

Solid Performances

Kalon Davis (7.8)- Minus two plays he was dominant througout the contest. Zero pass pro issues and blew several defenders 5+ yards back. Great final game for Kalon.

Mike Williams (7.5)- He had some nice grabs but should have made the one catch on the 3rd down. But, his blocking on the edge was awesome all day so I'll give him a pass....sort of...maybe...

Sam Cooper (7.5)- No catches so he is here solely based on his blocking. Did a superb job blocking and helped created numerous creases in the running and passing games.

Jordan Leggett (7.4)- The one drop ranks him a bit lower and really his grade may be a little inflated by the fact of how shocking his blocking effectiveness was.

Reid Webster (6.8)- Was late on a couple of pulls but his pass pro was solid and had a few nice pulls and climbs.

Isaiah Battle (6.7)- The only things negative here are the penalty and the lack of climb to the second level on some running and sweep plays. Set the edge extremely well this game and showed off the talent we all know he possesses.

Average Performances

Ryan Norton (5.6)- Was great in pass pro. Was ok in run blocking. Had a few good pulls but when he had to go against a head up nose guard he got handled a few times. Better than expected though.

David Beasley (5.6)- Missed a couple of pickups in pass pro and one got Watson destroyed but was good in the running game and actually hustled into space in the nick of time on some pulls too. I don't understand who gave him All ACC votes in the media poll though...way too inconsistent and his pass pro leaves a lot to be desired at times.

Adam Humphries (4.5)- Ran well with the ball out of the wildcat and had the one nice catch and run and didn't muff a punt. He has fallen by the wayside in the offense for younger talent and maybe due to blocking inconsistencies on the edge. But this senior finally beat that team from Columbia.

Charon Peake (4.0)- Barely played so I almost didn't consider putting him in but I did to unleash an opinion. We wasted him this year. We could have placed a medical redshirt on him after the FSU game but we sat him to rehab him only for 2 catches for 9 yards, neither of which came against USC. We should have let him sit and get 100% instead of blowing his potential and risking long term injury (and maybe the damage is already done).

Jay Guillermo (4.0)- Played limited snaps but when he was in he didn't get blown up but didn't blow anybody up. Welp, ok.

Hot Seat Performances

Stanton Seckinger (3.8)- Missed a cut block on a 3rd and 1 in plus territory which puts him here. He is now done for the year with a knee injury, tough way to end a season in the final home game.

Germone Hopper (2.5)- Another day, another drop for G-Hop.

Cole Stoudt (2.5)- What a way to cap off a career, final two plays (that he wasn't in motion for): Interception and a kneel down. Does that encapsulate it any better? I think not. What promise he did have apparently got shocked out of him early at UGA. Maybe a redemption performance in the bowl is in order?

Unit Performances

Scar Garades

Total Offensive Performance-7.17, A solid performance.

This game was very complete in both the running and passing games. Once we get those new hogs in and weapons and get them in the swing of things......mmmmm good things guys, good things. Now on to the bowl to see how two coordinators and Dabo Dabbing goes. Damn. This feels so good.