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Report Says Jeff Scott To Be Named Clemson Offensive Coordinator

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Though the easy solution, it appears that Jeff Scott will be named the new offensive coordinator at Clemson. A report from 247 Sports indicates the current WR coach and recruiting coordinator will get to the top offensive coordinator job. The report goes on to say that the news has been told to several of Clemson's recruits during the staffs current recruiting trip.

As expected, the general articles on TigerNet and other sites praising Scott are out today. You can go ahead and color me surprised. That said, there are some benefits to promoting Scott. Promoting the Clemson grad will allow Clemson to retain their current strategy on offense and Scott's familiarity with how Morris runs the offense will minimize the learning curve for players this spring. On the recruiting side it further reduces the chance of a recruit decommitting because of Morris' departure. Though recruits were quick to reaffirm their commitment to Clemson, keeping the guy in charge of their recruiting is never a bad thing. It will also free up some money to go towards keeping Brent Venables, something I'm all in favor of.

That said, there are plenty of negatives to this potential move. The biggest one is experience. Yes, Scott has done well as a WR coach and by all accounts Chad Morris thought highly of him, but he doesn't have OC experience. It is always a risk to promote someone into a brand new position and given where Clemson currently is it may be too big of a risk. Any hire, even one that is a current OC, is a risk, but this poses an even greater one.

The biggest negative may be the relationship between Scott and Dabo. We all know what happened when Billy Napier was promoted in 2008. Dabo decided to meddle in egregious ways. It is arguably the single biggest reason things went south in 2010. I don't trust Dabo to stay out of the offense and I'm not sure Jeff Scott will be able to stand up to Dabo. Chad Morris certainly seemed to do it, but it was no guarantee. Hopefully Scott will take a hint from Morris and do the same thing.

The other big problem I have with this is the fact that Dabo would not have interviewed anyone else. It is one thing to promote Scott after a coaching search and a completely different thing to just offer him the job straight up. There is absolutely no reason to avoid interviewing other talented candidates to see if Scott is the best man for the job or someone else is. This hire needs to be made with the goal of giving Clemson the strongest possible offense, not allowing Dabo to control the offense and the narrative. If he wins everyone is going to love him anyway.

We'll see if this report turns out to be true or if there are hints of other candidates being looked at. Hopefully it is more of the latter than anything.