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Clemson Trips Over Own Feet, Still Beats Wake Forest

ACC officials are horrible at their jobs.

Streeter Lecka

Deshaun Watson's hand can't heal fast enough. If we play this same kind of game against GT we will probably lose. Defense came out flat and looked more interested in getting sack numbers than playing solid defense. Offensive line was again dreadful early. Win and move on....I guess. Wake is still one of the worst teams in the ACC so not much to be truly happy about here. Some general thoughts:

The Good

Cole didn't look that bad. Completed some nice balls to wide open receivers. Gutted it out despite the hurt shoulder. He made some good runs too--not just sliding down but really fighting for yardage. We finally started running the ball. Umm...I'm trying here.

Artavis Scott. How do we forget to use the jet sweep? It works almost every time. Screw any pitch that can be fumbled. 'Throw' a forward pass jet sweep. Did everyone see how easy a TD run that was (which is a credit to Scott's open field ability but still)? Use the jet sweep more often please.

Finishing the game. We again put together a solid 4th quarter performance to shut down a lesser opponent. Dye got on the field and wasn't injured.

The Bad

So much.

Third and 1. Every single time.

Fourth and 1. I know Dabo loves the pitch play--we used to run it all the time with Spiller (where it was insanely predictable) but I have never been a fan because it is too high risk of a play on short yardage. Yes, convert it and you walk in to the endzone but don't and it is a turnover.

Officiating. That targeting penalty was absolute garbage. Are you kidding me? Absolute garbage--Smith is turned sideways and hits his chest. He barely even hit the facemask. Can't stand that kind of rubbish call. It should go in the ugly category but whatever. Really upset that this hurts us against GT. Smith is solid against the option and having to play Green will really hurt us--it may change the entire game.

What happened to playing Crowder? I need to see the tape again but I thought those mistakes were as much on Webster as they were on Crowder. The young man needs to play heading into next year--give him the reps. Norton best push was on Gallman.

Timeout with 4 seconds? Really? Pollack was right on.

The Ugly

Could we give that punt return duty to someone else? Humphries has always been terrible. He cost us a chance in last years USCjr game and gifted Wake Forest points. If the ball is over your head, let it go. Just a boneheaded play from a veteran guy. But Humphries wasn't done yet--he allows a 73 yard punt to roll to the one yard line. Bravo!

An offsides on Grady Jarrett on a missed xp try. Barnes with a hands to the face (and DB's not knocking the ball down). Seniors making uncharacteristic mental errors on the road. Don't want any of that next week, especially on defense.

Not a fan of the band uniforms.

The Thursday night crew had some interesting inside jokes going on in the booth. At least Pollack ended it nicely.