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Clemson - Wake Forest: Live Gamethread

Tyler Smith

Once again another stupid Thursday night game. The only positive from this is that it gives us an extra couple of days to prepare for Georgia Tech. We may also see the return of Deshaun Watson tonight, though that being a good thing is certainly up for debate. We also get to see a new center; if you hear any noise from California, it will be coming from me and my celebrations or despair.

Honestly Clemson should win this one early even with Cole Stoudt playing most of the game. Wake is, how should we say, not good at the football thing. I'll be pretty disappointed if Clemson doesn't appear competent on offense, and our defense should have no problem shutting Wake down. Of course the caveat is that Thursday night games can have some weird results. We've all seen things.

Join us below to talk Clemson - Wake Forest and to pray for offense. Though who knows if that will even help.