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Clemson Opponents Review: Week 10

Stunned and dumbfounded by strange stats and performances, 100 Words or Less still finds a way to laugh at South Carolina, as is right and proper.

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(17) Georgia Bulldogs (6-2, 4-2 SEC)

It isn't so much that they lost to Florida 38-20 that's amazing, but how they lost. Georgia gave up 418 yards of rushing to an offense that looked like Wake Forest in its last game, and was thoroughly, absolutely whomped. It's not like they didn't know what was coming; the Gators only attempted six passes. Six! And completed three, for 27 yards! Meanwhile, the Bulldogs only gained 141 yards - not exactly Wake formula material, but completely unexpected. Maybe we should be calling it the SEC Coastal, because Missouri - yes, that Missouri - now leads the division.

South Carolina State Bulldogs (6-3, 4-1 MEAC)

Humiliated Savannah State, 59-7. Makes sense - after all, Savannah State is probably the worst football team anywhere. But just how bad are they? Well, the Mini-Bulldogs scored 59 points on 264 yards of offense, which should give you a clue about how good their field position was. And they returned a punt for a touchdown. Savannah State had 130 total yards of offense. I wonder why the MEAC let them in.

(2) Florida State Seminoles (8-0, 5-0 ACC) at Louisville Cardinals (6-3, 4-3 ACC)

Down 21 in the first half, Florida State rallied to win 42-31 after Bobby Petrino stopped doing the things that gave his team such a large lead for some reason. Big numbers in this game. 1,062 yards of offense, five combined turnovers - Winston tossed three interceptions, which is hilarious - and defense for both teams died in the second half. But Florida State gives up lots of passing yards and lots of rushing yards, which could make for an interesting ACC Championship against (insert Coastal opponent here, probably Duke). Any of the prospective playoff teams will probably vaporize the Seminoles.

North Carolina Tar Heels (4-5, 2-3 ACC)

That UNC is still allowed to play football boggles my mind, but they proceeded onto the field and got nuked by Miami (FL), 47-20. Duke Johnson ran for 177 in the first half and then didn't bother to play again. Why would he need to? His backup ran for 104. Meanwhile, UNC ran for six yards. Sure, Marquise Williams threw for 191, but also an interception. So the offense wasn't exactly... balanced.

N.C. State Wolfpack (5-4, 1-4 ACC) at Syracuse Orange (3-6, 1-4 ACC)

Good lord, NC State won a conference game, 24-17. Or maybe, like Pittsburgh did for Georgia Tech last week, Syracuse won it for them with three turnovers, including an interception after Syracuse recovered an onside kick, which is the most Syracuse way to lose a game I've seen since they joined the ACC. The Wolfpack featured a decent offense for once, but let's be honest: both of these teams are so, so bad.

Boston College Eagles (6-3, 3-2 ACC)

Ran off with Virginia Tech's win, 33-31. The Hokies have allowed three quarterbacks to rush for 100 or more yards with Tyler Murphy's 122 yard performance in this game, which is probably not good. But they stayed competitive with Michael Brewer throwing for 345 yards. Murphy ran 57 for what would prove to be the game winner, and suddenly the Eagles are bowl eligible! VT is only eligible for internal recrimination and the eventual firing of Frank Beamer.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons (2-6, 0-4 ACC)

Had the day off in preparation for the annual Clemson Thursday night extravaganza, where the fanbases of both teams dread having to listen to Jesse Palmer for three hours.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (7-2, 4-2 ACC)

Dispensed with Virginia, 35-10. The offensive numbers for GT are what you've come to expect (409 total, 268 rushing), but they only let Virginia rush for 22 yards. How did that happen? In fact, they were scarily like Georgia has seemed at times: methodical, soul-grinding deathball, marching forward until their enemy is but smoldering ashes on the grass at their feet. Except by using weird plays and cut blocks, because it's Paul Johnson.

Georgia State Panthers (1-8, 0-6 Sun Belt)

Pounded into their component molecules by Appalachian State, 44-0. It snowed in this game, in North Carolina, in November, because why not? Since Wake was off, the Panthers took up their mantle, rushing for eight yards and giving up 469. You made the Deacs proud, guys. In fact, Georgia State was held to 62 total yards. Maybe it was the weather, but that doesn't make this stat any less insane.

South Carolina Gamecocks (4-5, 2-5 SEC)

Lost 42-45 to Tennessee in overtime, lol. This game was an absolute defensive joke with 1,270 total yards of offense, but let's look at what happened in overtime. Dylan Thompson got sacked twice and South Carolina missed a field goal that they likely had no chance of making anyway, which is brilliant. I'm still worried, but nobody in the SEC East - I mean, SEC Coastal - plays defense, I guess. Oh, and Steve Spurrier ran away from the media. Glorious!