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Clemson Soundly Defeats South Carolina: Redemption Song

Deshaun Watson becoming a legend.
Deshaun Watson becoming a legend.
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Deshaun Watson. You are the truth. You gutted it out and scored the winning TD. Welcome to Clemson Football lore.

Emancipate yourselves from Cock slavery, None but ourselves can free our minds.

Won't you help to sing, These songs of freedom?

Redemption Song...Redemption Song...

You can kick out our starting star middle linebacker Stephone Anthony on another ridiculous targeting foul. SEC refs try to do their worst but Gallman will not slow down. You can run into our punter with no call. You can even call unsportsmanlike penalties never ever called on our sideline. Not review a clear TD and make us challenge the play. Don't give us a clear fumble.

We will still defeat you--it is our redemption...

Credit to the much maligned offensive line. Credit to Wayne Gallman for running with violence and purpose. Credit to the defense--causing turnovers, making life difficult for Thompson, and stuffing the run.

Chad Morris called a great game and protected Watson. We used the fly sweep multiple times and got the ball in the hands of our best/most explosive offensive player Artavis Scott.

Credit to the announcers and 'Ken' for getting Clempson not Clemzun correct. Thank you Rece for shutting up Lou.

Credit to the Seniors for finally defeating our arch rivals.

Fans showed up and we did it. We did it. This season is a success. Credit to Dabo for not letting up until all the zeros were on the clock. 35-17.

Raise one finger in the air (no don't do that, it is stupid). Sure we are pessimistic over here at times (not even going to mention Cole) but we should all enjoy this one for a long time.

Redemption Song...