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Clemson Beats Georgia State Behind Rushing Attack

Tyler Smith/Getty Images

Thankfully this one was as easy as we all hoped as Clemson defeated Georgia State 28-0. This one saw us discover an actual running game. I thought we had drowned it in the lake back in August, but I guess not. The defense also did things a little different by forcing several interceptions off poor Georgia State throws, though they did their usual job up front in stopping the run.

It was great to see Tyshon Dye get some work today, and he looked very good while doing it. Dye got his first touchdown of his collegiate career while looking good enough to contribute against South Carolina next week. Despite all the problems our running game has had this year, a combination of Gallman and Dye should help next week against the Gamecocks. Or at least I'm hoping it does.

Stoudt also looked decent today. The interception in the first quarter wasn't a great throw, but there was definitely some bad luck in the tip going right to a Georgia State DB and his misses were the right misses. He overthrew receivers out of bounds or put it just beyond their reach. I didn't see many ugly ducklings that resulted in jump balls. Stoudt also had some nice throws for completions or drops, and going into the South Carolina game that is all we could really hope for.

I am going to call out Dabo here though. There was absolutely no reason for Cole Stoudt to remain in the game past the 3rd quarter. Even though we were only up 28, there was no danger in Georgia State scoring. Yes, there is an argument for getting Stoudt some more reps for confidence, but an additional 2-3 drives isn't going to do anything. Just pull Stoudt, let him get an ovation, and then put Nick Schuessler in. That sack on 4th down hurt Cole. He was in obvious pain and it should not have even gotten to that point. It was a terrible decision and that one is all on Dabo.

It was also good to see David Beasley out there. I know many folks were worried that he was done for the season, but he managed to heal up enough to have some critical blocks, that's something I never thought I'd say about the OL, in this one.

Now it is all about South Carolina, and more importantly all about hoping Deshaun Watson is healthy enough to play. It is going to be a nervy few days for Clemson fans.