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Clemson vs. Georgia State: Live Gamethread and News

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Clemson hosts Georgia State on what is now Senior Day as well as Military Appreciation Day. I'm assuming that means purple uniforms again. I get the whole idea behind wearing them for this occasion, but I just hate the uniforms on principle and would rather see something else done to honor the military.

As for the game, the biggest goal is to get through this one without any injuries. While our hopes have been dashed about the South Carolina game, there is still a chance to break the streak and staying healthy is critical.

I'd also like to see some semblance of a functioning offense. Yes, it will come against Georgia State and that doesn't mean much. But I will take even the slightest bit of confidence from Cole Stoudt ahead of the USCjr game.

As always join us in the comments below to talk about this one. We could use a few warm bodies here.