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Blogger Q&A: Talking Georgia State

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

For everyone that has missed it, Clemson is playing Georgia State this weekend. Don't worry, I'm not offended if you missed the memo and assumed we were just waiting for Deshaun Watson to get healthy ahead of the South Carolina game. But that's why we're here. And this week we have a chance to talk to a Georgia State fan.
Karl Strength from Underdog Dynasty was kind enough to answer a few questions about the Panthers before Saturday's game. As you can tell he isn't very optimistic. I also answered some questions that should be up later this week.

STS: For those who don't know much about Georgia State, could you describe some of the school's football history?
Joka: Well the mascot is a Panther named Pounce. This is their second year playing the in the FBS level. They have yet to score a win against an FBS team.

STS: Looking at the area the school is in as well as what the school is trying to build, how successful do you think a Georgia State program can really be?
Joka: The school has made moves this year that show a commitment to building a better athletic program- not just football. The ceiling for the program could be Houston, or it could be early 2000's Memphis. It is such a new thing it honestly it hard to project. 

STS: How would you describe the offensive philosophy at Georgia State?
Joka: Throw it deep and see what happens. Early in the season Georgia State tried to run quite a bit, but all the running backs are either hurt or have quite football, so that isn't an option anymore.

STS: What type of defense does Georgia State run and how has it looked?
Joka: Georgia State may have the worst rush defense in the nation. They also aren't very good against the pass. They weren't projected to be very good, but then they suffered a lot of injuries.

STS: What are some of the better players on Georgia State who might do well this weekend?
Joka: QB Nick Arbuckle and WR Donovan Harden are very good. Arbuckle has 3 games with over 400 yards passing. Harden has been named a Biletnikoff Award finalist.

STS: You guys recently moved up to FBS from FCS. Is this something you agree with or do you think the school should have stayed at the FCS level?
Joak: I think having a landing spot in the FBS made the jump a decent idea, and one I support. Trying to build a program that hasn't even had a full cycle of recruits ever at the FBS has turned out to be far more difficult in real life than it is in NCAA video games. 

STS: What is considered a victory for Georgia State in this game?
Joka: Not suffering more major injuries. Also if the Panthers could keep the game close in the first half that would be nice.