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Deshaun Watson Could Return For South Carolina Game

Daniel Shirey

I'll be honest, just 30 minutes ago Clemson's season seemed to be over. Deshaun Watson appeared to have suffered a season ending knee injury in the loss to Georgia Tech. Several outlets as well as several of my sources indicated that the injury was most likely a torn ACL which would end his freshman season.

Thankfully this was the rare case of the initial diagnosis being wrong. Clemson announced this evening that Deshaun Watson suffered a sprain of the LCL and a bone bruise. He is listed as day-to-day and will be evaluated later this week. This is an amazing turn of events and makes a win possible against South Carolina.

Obviously I don't think Watson should play this weekend. It is pointless to put Watson in for a game that Clemson should easily win even with Cole Stoudt at QB, though I would go with Nick Schuessler personally. Let him get the extra rest and if he's able to go, play him against the Gamecocks.

That said, I would be very cautious against South Carolina. Chad Morris that means don't run him as much. With a known knee injury it is just foolish. And if Watson isn't comfortable playing or is obviously limited I wouldn't play him. While we all want to beat the Gamecocks, it just isn't worth ruining another season for Watson. We all know a torn ligament could have serious ramifications for Clemson next year, be smart about this one Dabo.