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Deshaun Watson Injured as Clemson Falls to Georgia Tech

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

This felt worse than it was. It felt like the Orange Bowl against West Virginia.

First I want to address the Deshaun Watson injury. I'm sorry, but you can'tblame Chad for this one. It was non-contact. It could have happened on a broken play where Watson scrambled, a designed run like this, or jogging off the field at the half. Yes, Watson took some hits early, but this wasn't an upper body injury or an injury where Watson had already gotten hit there several times. It was a freak injury that sometimes happens. It blows, but sadly there isn't someone you can blame for something like this.

Now we look towards what will most likely be a sixth straight win for USCe. Cole Stoudt just looks bad. The shoulder bothers him and he's never been right after the UGA game. It is a shame because he's provided a service for Clemson, but he just isn't a starting QB at the level Clemson needs. Honestly I think Dabo should have tried Schuessler out for several drives just to give Stoudt a breather far earlier than he did. We'll see what happens this weekend.

Also can we retire two plays from the playbook? I never want to see a toss or throwback. The toss is terrible because we don't have an OL that can block. Or TEs that know what is going on. The throwback is even worse because it is a gimmick, and with Stoudt he doesn't even have the arm to throw a gimmick play.

As always the defense did well. Tech is considered one of the best offenses in the country and the defense did a good job. There were always going to be some lapses, especially with a GT quarterback that can throw the ball, but the defense stiffened up when they needed to and more of the problems came because of the offense than anything.

I got nothing else, I think I'm going to go wallow in something.