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Weekly Clemson News and Recruiting Links

A weekly roundup of news around Clemson Sports

Tyler Smith

Many agree that Saturday was our most complete game of the season. We were able to effectively shut out the top ranked offense in the ACC while showing more of what our stud freshman QB can do. Even with the top ranked offense at the time and the fact that they had a great chance to beat Florida State last week, I still don't think highly of the NC State football program at the moment.

I'll admit that it was cool seeing Deshaun hurdle that defender for a touchdown but I don't want to see a play like that from him ever again. That is way too risky of a play for a young player who has the future of the program in his hands to make. Plays like that can easily ruin a young player's health.

Now onto the news and links.....

Clemson-BC kickoff set for 3:30 p.m. on ESPNU - Orange and White Story

Fourth straight week on ESPNU and third straight in the 3:30 time slot. Be prepared for another week of horrible announcing if you aren't going to be at the game.......

Bobby Petrino May Have Given Clemson Some Extra Motivation On Saturday | The Cardinal Connect

The title of this article is very accurate. Good ole' Bobby Petrino might've doomed his team for Saturday. But yet again when has Bobby Petrino ever made a rational decision? Thanks for the extra motivation Bobby!

Jones still considering Clemson for a visit

Although D.J. Jones is still committed to Florida State, it isn't entirely surprising to see he still considering visiting our campus. Jones is from nearby Piedmont, South Carolina and we honestly did not recruit him as hard as other defensive linemen this summer. Unless something drastic happens with Florida State's recruiting class and/or we somehow have an opening in our class come Signing Day, I would expect Jones to stay committed to Florida State.

Men's Basketball Practice Report Oct. 5 - Clemson Tigers Official Athletics Site

Here is the first practice report for the upcoming basketball season. The basketball program started fall practices on Sunday. It is great to see the team focusing on three-point shots. This an area that will definitely need to make up for the loss of K.J. McDaniels' abilities to shoot from outside the three-point line.

Clemson notes: Birthday boy Mike Williams strikes twice with early TDs - Post and Courier

A few important notes from Saturday's game. Mike Williams had a huge day on his birthday on Saturday with two touchdown catches including one incredible catch in the endzone. Williams might be the next great receiver to follow the likes of Sammy and Nuk to come out of WRU in the next few years.

Notes: Wayne Gallman earns staring role, injuries testing versatility - Orange and White Story

I saw a lot of good things out of Gallman on Saturday including his shifty running ability and pass catching abilities. With the running game struggling, I felt that this was the right move to make Gallman the starter and get him some more touches. I feel that Gallman is the most talented out of all of our healthy backs. Hopefully this will provide a spark to our ground game with Gallman getting the bulk of the carries. Adam Choice and CJ Davidson should get their fair share of carries as well.