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Clemson Destroys NC State

Tyler Smith

Once again a few thoughts about the game as it occurred. A lot of these are more general thoughts though I included times when necessary.

Mike Williams is pretty good. He's had some good moves to get open and that second TD catch was amazing.

Gallman should be starting from here on out. He earned this one in practice and based on today he earned the rest of the season.

I really like the calls we are seeing in the running game. Having Watson keep the ball does scare me, but it definitely adds a dimension to our running game.

Amazing job by our defense early on. It took 25 minutes of clock before NC State got their first 1st down. That's pretty good even if NC State had a chance or two to put something together before the half ended.

If you are going to put Stoudt in let's at least try to move the ball. That playcalling was worse than what we usually see with Stoudt in.

Watson needs to work on his progression. He gets a little excited and when the big play isn't there he should be looking at his 2nd or 3rd receiver more.

Yes NC State moved the ball better in the 3rd quarter, but so far we haven't really seen a letdown from Clemson's defense. They still haven't scored and converted their first 3rd down as the quarter closed out. I can't complain about that.

If I'm Morris I spend the next couple of games working on progression with Watson. Too much deep or a screen pass. Let's work the 5-15 yard range with passing plays.

I have no clue what the deal was with that 4th and goal call in the 4th quarter, and I'm not even going to attempt to try and figure it out.

The best part of this may be the shutout. Anytime you shutout a P5 conference team it is a good day and you can't complain too much. I did like that even the backups seemed to do a pretty good job.

This also might be the best game under Dabo's tenure. There are always things to work on, but it was a complete 60 minutes from the defense and the offense even managed to run the ball decently. Gallman had over 5 ypc.