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Weekly Clemson News and Recruiting Links

Your weekly roundup of news around Clemson sports and on the recruiting front

Jim Rogash

I don't really have a whole lot to say about Saturday's game. To me it was a rather uninspiring win. Great to see our defense play a hell of a game. With DW out for at least the next few weeks, this is what they needed to do for us to win games. It is quite obvious with the film that Cole Stoudt is not that type of quarterback that can be trusted upon to make the game winning throws or to win games on his own with gaudy numbers(see Deshaun). Stoudt is merely a game manager. Unfortunately, this offensive system is not built for game managers.

The news on the injury front is demoralizing to say the least for the offense. Our running back stable is now much without our leading rusher Adam Choice who was just starting to finally learn the position 100% and starting to prove himself as our most reliable runner. This is a big blow to a struggling running game. Our top pass-catching tight end Jordan Leggett will also be out a few weeks. This is also a huge blow to our offense and our struggling tight end corps. Who will step up at tight end now?

Onto the news and links.....

Clemson loses leading rusher Adam Choice for the season -

The biggest and most disappointing news of the week.... Adam Choice was finally showing that he is capable of playing running back after playing quarterback in high school. Not to mention he was becoming our most productive running back(not saying much). This coincides with the probable debut of Tyshon Dye this Saturday. Dye is thought of as our most talented running back. We now really need Dye and for him to get up to speed soon after the injury to Choice and Kurt Fleming's sudden departure from the football program. However, I feel that Dye will need a few games to get fully up to speed. I feel it is likely we might not see his full potential until next season.

Planning for success: Clemson Tigers - ESPN

I found this to be very interesting..... This talks a lot about our secondary being a possible strength for us as the season goes on. I really feel the front 7 will remain the strength of our defense this year. However, next year our front 7 will be graduating six starters so it is easy to say that our secondary could very well be the strength of the defense going into next season. But I do agree that our secondary is improving with key pieces in place including Jayron Kearse and Mack Alexander.

Jordan Roper as J Dew - Clemson Tigers Official Athletics Site

On a relatively less serious note, one of the key players for the basketball team this coming season went around campus pretending to be LJC's popular MC J Dew. It's sad but this proves the fact that the passion for Clemson Basketball is not yet fully alive within the student body. It comes as no surprise though as the university has been aware that football is the main revenue generator at this school and has put in way more investment into the football program than any other athletic program. The basketball program got barely any investment over the years until recently with the plans to rebuild LJC. We will always be a 'football school' but hopefully this season will get some more of the students more enthusiastic about Clemson Basketball(even though it will be nowhere near as close to the passion this school has for football).

Tigers to Play Three Orange & Purple Games - Clemson Tigers Official Athletics Site

If any of you are in town for Homecoming this weekend here is your chance to get a sneak peak at what to expect from the baseball team this coming spring with their version of the football team's 'spring game' to close out fall practices. I plan to go to one of them to see which new players to keep an eye on when the season starts in February. I am pessimistic about our pitching staff for this coming season but I'm interested to see which of the freshmen and returning pitchers could step up.

Clemson AD updates facilities updates, more - Orange and White Story

DRad spoke to the media last week about updates on the facility front. While I talked a little bit about the basketball project and future football operations facility in my article last week here are some more details on the timetables for those projects as well as the current construction at DKS as well as the suite renovations and final construction phase of the West End Zone at Death Valley. I enjoy learning about the athletic facility upgrades at Clemson. They are great and crucial for the success and improvement of our athletic programs as well as the university as a whole. I am most interested in seeing what the Valley will look like when all those renovations are complete for next season.