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Offensive Film Review: Louisville Game

Can me and Kraken switch? His reviews seems to be going better...

Tyler Smith

A belated film review is better than no review at all right? Let's dive in.

Shorthand to know:

PA- Play action, JS- Jet sweep, TrO- Triple option, Extro- Extended triple option, RO- Read option, ZR- Zone read, OZ- Outisde zone, IZ- Inside zone, QS- Quick screen, RO- Roll Out, LOS- Line of scrimmage

Nicknames that I now feel fitting to give:

Mr. Hyde/Dr. Jekyll (play dependent)- Reid Webster, Turnstile- Ryan Norton, MacSlow- Eric MacClain, and Whiffles- Jordan Leggett

And away we go.

1st Drive

Screen to Wayne Gallman, Germone Hopper loses contact on defender, no gain…..Dive by Gallman, he doesn’t follow into the hole on the left….PA Pass, Dr. Jekyll pull hooks to the right, no one takes Lorenzo Mauldin between Jekyll and Isaiah Battle, overthrown on the corner route to G-Hop…Punt

2nd Drive

Some kind of weird fake on the JS to Artavis Scott, technically a completed pass by Watson to Watson but I would prefer to never see it again due to ball security concerns…..PA ZR, good pocket, G-Hop drops the ball on a deep seam route….Drop back, Kalon Davis got beat inside but he washed the man inside to take away the threat, C.J. Davidson had the blitz pick up but under all the initial pressure Deshaun Watson rolls out of the pseudo-pocket too soon, throws ball away….Punt

3rd Drive

ZR, Watson keeps, Kalon doesn’t sustain on LB, J.J. McCollough misses block on safety….Watson gets antsy when Mauldin beats Kalon inside but Mr. Hyde actually cleaned up the protection, Watson kind of creates his own mistake by running out early again, throws an INT……

4th Drive

QB draw by Watson for 6 yards, breaks finger on stiff arm at the end of the play….IZ by Gallman, Turnstile and Dr. Jekyll get 0 push, Whiffles playing paddy cake with his man, somehow 1st down….PA JS, dumps to Gallman, Watson leaves the game here….Cole Stoudt now in, stares down Whiffles on a sit down route, shoulda been picked #1……3rd down drop back, Battle beat inside and Davis beat around the edge, sack….Punt

5th Drive

PA rolle, Whiffles or Kalon need to chip end as end got in Cole’s face and tips the ball, shoulda been picked #2…..Fake JS, dive by Gallman and rightly bounces for 5 yards, Dr. Jekyll couldn’t kick out the end causing the bounce out……3rd down, Gallman blows blitz pickup by running a check down route right past the man he was supposed to pick up, Dr. Jekyll beat too….Punt

6th Drive

Starting at own 6, dive by Davidson for 6….JS, awful attempt at a cut by Sam Cooper, Stanton Seckinger blocks no one….PA JS, shoulda been picked #3 by Lawrence Sample…..Punt

7th Drive

Starting at the Louisville 37 after a gift, PA screen to Scott, McCollough misses block……IZ by Davidson, McCollough gets spun around on the block, gain of 2…..3rd and 12, supposed to be a screen to Davidson, blitz comes quickly but ball should be out before this point….Punt

8th Drive

IZ by Adam Choice, gain of 4…..IZ again by Choice for a gain of 2……Drop back, scramble by Stoudt for gain of 3, stepped up and scrambled for no reason….Punt

9th Drive

Until this drive we had negative 7 yards passing….PA screen to Choice, nice climb to the secondary by Mr. Hyde…..RO left, Scott wide open in the flats, Whiffles kind of gave an effort on a block….Whiffles in flats for a big gain…..Post route to Mike Williams, nice grab on the play but after play there was a lot of wasted time….Fade to Scott, pass interference called but ball thrown way out by Stoudt but I do think that there could have been defensive holding on the play…..RO right, Williams sits down to the left WIDE OPEN, Stoudt freaks out under pressure and doesn’t see Williams or ya know…THROW THE BALL AWAY. Unacceptable for a senior. Halftime 14-10 Tigers

10th Drive

Dive by Gallman, Battle and Dr. Jekyll suck…….CD to Gallman, Battle beat again…..Deep ball to G-Hop, awful throw by Stoudt…..Punt

11th Drive

QS to Scott, nice block by Adam Humphries…..PA JS, nice grab on the crosser by Humph, nice stand in by Stoudt….Dive by Choice for 4….QS to G-Hop, nowhere to go……RO Draw, Turnstile, David Beasley, and Dr. Jekyll all suck on this play. Amazing……Field Goal is up and good……17-10 Tigers

12th Drive

QS to Scott, if the ball gets out quicker it’s big yards, gain of 9…..PA, Williams drops it on a skinny post….Dive by Choice, Turnstile is standing around and Battle gets blown up…..4th and Inches, but of course we’re in the gun here, fake JS and QB power off tackle. The whole world knows this play is coming. Dabo Gunna Dab. Kalon, Dr. Jekyll, and Turnstile all blown up on this play, good thing it’s supposed to go off their butts.

13th Drive

PA pass to Seckinger, no one between Seckinger, Kalon, and Choice hit the DE again so once more there was instant pressure…..Pass to Seckinger, late and to the wrong shoulder……Offsides Louisville, brings us to 3rd and 2, ball tipped to G-Hop and he has great concentration to make grab but it is COMPLETELY blown by the officials both on the field and in the booth….Punt

14th Drive

PA dive, pass to Whiffles, big gain….PA dive again, deep to Williams, Battle whipped again, Williams has to become the DB on the play….Stoudt stares down Scott, #4 shoulda been picked…..Drop back, Choice abused in blitz pick up, but a nice stand in and throw by Stoudt to Whiffles….QS to Scott, good blocks by Whiffles and G-Hop…..Dive by Choice, nice cutback, gain of 7….IZ, Beasley and G-Hop suck it up…..QS to Scott again, he needs to setup his blocks better….QB draw, Davidson doesn’t lead up hole and Beasley and Turnstile defeated again….Punt

15th Drive

Dropback, Kalon and Dr. Jekyll can’t block one guy between the two of them, Battle beat by Mauldin again, interception by James Burgess, he stared down G-Hop

16th Drive

QS to Scott, Humph misses block….Dive by Choice for nice gain……Stoudt to Whiffles, shoulda been picked #5…..Punt

17th Drive

QS to Scott, Whiffles and Humph have good blocks…..Dive by Choice, Battle makes huge hole by bating Mauldin to pass rush upfield, Whiffles actually pulled and sealed like a good TE…..Dive by Choice for 3 yards…..QS to Scott, nice cut on the edge by Whiffles, wait, WHAT?!......Dive by Choice for 7 yards…..IZ by Choice, nice gain of 7 yards, nice push by David Beasley……QS to Scott, Seckinger misses his man but Scott just outruns him for big yards….IZ by Choice, Williams has a nice crack on the OLB and Battle baited Mauldin upfield again, nice gain……IZ Choice, Seckinger has a nice cut on the blitzer, Davis with a nice push, down to the 1…..SHOTGUN SHOUTOUT! In the gun at the 1 yard line, but penalty moves it to the half yard line……AND ANOTHER SHOTGUN SHOUTOUT! Choice dropped for big loss…..Choice on OZ on 3rd and goal, bounces it properly but too slow to make the edge…..Field goal, 23-17 Tigers

And from there we had some heart stopping moments to which I shaved a good 10 years off of my life. Time for some player grades.

Player Grades

All American 9.5-10, All-ACC 8-9.4, Solid 6-7.9, Average 4-5.9, Hot Seat 0-3.9

All American



Foiled again. Maybe we're average?


Artavis Scott (5.7)- Played well but if he could set his blocks up better he would get monster yards.

Adam Choice (5.4)- Ran hard and with good vision behind what we call an "offensive line".

Adam Humphries (5.2)- Had a solid catch on a crossing route and was blocking well all day (minus one play). May get a little extra love due to a certain play....

Mike Williams (4.1)- Had the one drop but still wasn't awful, actually blocked well on the perimeter.

Jordan Leggett (4.0)- Holy moly Whiffles! Look at you! You have actually earned the momentary right to have your real name listed. He actually blocked on the day and has some nice gains in the passing game. Still missed some blocks and was tentative on others.

C.J. Davidson (4.0)- Had a good blitz pickup and did what he could when he got the ball. Not a lot of help blocking while he was in.

Hot Seat

Sam Cooper (3.9)- In limited snaps blocked ok but didn't really provide a great blocker when called upon and that's supposedly his forte.

Germone Hopper (3.8)- Had some good blocks but had the huge drop in the first quarter. Other than that he kind of had a non memorable game.

Kalon Davis (3.8)- He along with the rest of the oline got abused on the day, but he was really the only one to fight back.

Deshaun Watson (3.8)- Created some of his own mistakes. This game was the first time that he really looked like a freshman.

Cole Stoudt (3.8)- Really stared down receivers and outside of 2 big gains and all the screens to Scott, he didn't really have a good passing day.

Wayne Gallman (3.5)- Didn't run the ball well (not all his fault) but had a major blown assignment in the blitz pick up. Not good.

David Beasley (3.3)- Kind of fought back with Kalon but didn't fight as well.

Reid Webster (3.2)- Had a good climb up on a screen play and had a couple of other nice blocks. But then other times it was as if he was trying do astrophysics in his head as he just looked lost.

Stanton Seckinger (3.0)- Not a good blocker and didn't provide us with any mismatches in the passing game. Yawn.

Isaiah Battle (2.8)- This was dreadful. He got abused all day and did not really provide any upside. The only times he blocked Mauldin was when he baited him to pass rush on running plays.

Turnstile (1.1)- Oh Ryan....He was awful. He is awful. And he will ever be awful at this point.

Average Unit Performances


Average Team Performance- 3.86, Hot seat for days.

This was an ugly game to rewatch from just about every standpoint minus the final drive (until we reach the one). Get well soon Deshaun and get enrolled now 2015 O-line class.