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Clemson Beats Boston College Late

We all expected a close game, and sadly this one delivered. 17-13 was the final score though once again the Tigers should have been up more.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

I didn't have a problem with Cole Stoudt's overall play tonight. He was 29/45 for almost 300 yards. The downside was no touchdowns, but that has as much to do with Stoudt as it does with every other problem of our offense. The problem comes from Stoudt being a guy who is going to manage the game. He is hopefully not going to turn the ball over, but he also isn't going to do something spectacular like Deshaun Watson does. That's fine, but it means we need players around him that can take a game over. Right now we don't have that. Gerome Hopper drops balls like it is en vogue, we can't run the ball, and as good as Mike Williams is he isn't quite there yet. Until that changes we are going to struggle even if Stoudt slings the ball around for 300 yards.

That said, Clemson's drive for the go-ahead touchdown was great. I hope Stoudt learns to trust that throw to Williams, it was a great throw for only Williams to grab. It was also nice to see an actual factual rushing touchdown.

It is interesting to see what happens when you actually gameplan around Stoudt's abilities. I'm not really sure why Morris wasn't doing this earlier in the year, but the play calling seemed a lot better in this game than it did against UGA. Still some unusual decisions, why in the world are you using the wildcat Chad, but overall I don't need to go sit in a quiet room and cry.

Once again the defense came up big. BC converted 2 third downs all day. That is just insane. They also did a decent job of containing the best rushing QB in college football. Yes, Boston College got some yards in the ground, but this is one of if not the best rushing attacks in the nation. The pass defense was a little concerning, but I'm hoping that had more to do with not taking it seriously rather than any talent or ability issue. Robert Smith did go out with some sort of knee injury, but hopefully it isn't serious. Oh and if you did miss it, we handled several option plays pretty well. Always bodes well for the Georgia Tech game.

Oh and should we say 5 Hail Mary's for getting 2 rushing touchdowns in this game?

The good news is we don't play a defense this talented for the rest of the season and we escaped Boston College, something we have struggled with in the past. The bad news is we still have to deal with Georgia Tech and the stupid triple-option.