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Scouting Clemson - Boston College

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

With BC on the schedule this week we had a chance to talk with BC Hysteria, a writer with BC Interruption, the Boston College site at SB Nation. He was kind enough to answer a few questions about BC for us and his answers are below. Be on the lookout for our answers to his questions later today.

STS: 6 games into the season what are your thoughts on BC's season so far?

BCI: It's been a roller coaster for the Eagles over the first six games. We had the games BC should have won (against Maine and UMass), some great wins (NC State and USC) and some frustrating losses (Pitt and Colorado St.). The fans are mostly positive right now as both the offense and defense seems to be clicking.

STS: You guys are once again one of the better rushing teams in the country despite losing such a talented RB last year. Is this because you guys keep recruiting talented RBs or is the OL doing well?

BCI: I think its a combination of both. Quarterback Tyler Murphy is the leading rusher on the team, and he came over as a fifth year transfer from Florida. He is dynamic and quick. BC brought in a stable of running backs that are already contributing as well including 4* Jon Hilliman who is like a Andre Williams lite, and Marcus Outlow who is more of a speed back. Add that to an offensive line that are all seniors and again BC can run the ball effectively.

STS: On the other hand BC has one of the worst passing games in college football. Is there much hope the offense can improve the passing game or is it just something you guys hope won't hurt you?

BCI: BC isn't going to light the world on fire with the passing game, mostly because they only use it to keep defenses honest. Last week against NC State we saw more play action than I think BC has run all season and for the most part it worked. The toughest part about getting a passing attack rolling is two fold: one Tyler Murphy is not terribly accurate, he misses open targets, make poor choices, bad reads etc. Secondly, the receivers are not all that good. They are either big and slow, or young and inexperienced.

STS: On defense y'all have put together a fairly solid defense that is doing well to limit opponents scoring opportunities. What has been the key to this success for BC?

BCI: The front seven has played pretty well of late. Defensive coordinator Don Brown loves to dial up pressure which causes opposing QBs to think quickly. Josh Keyes, our senior linebacker is probably one of the best pass rushing LB's in the country and if he isn't contained can be a matchup nightmare given his speed. Up front we have 6'9 defensive lineman Brian Mihalik who has really blossomed as well, he has sured up a rather questionable crew going into the season. Last weekend BC lost starting DT Mehdi Abdesmad and Bryce Jones, but we have been able to find solid replacements.

STS: Clemson has possibly the best DL in the nation, how does BC go about dealing with that OL, especially in the running game?

BCI: BC has some big boys up front that have a ton of experience. They were able to neutralize USC who had a good defense as well. I think the key is going to be a few things for BC. First they are going to need to mix it up in terms of the way they run the ball. Using misdirections, fakes etc should confuse Clemson. Also BC will be showing an uneven line as well including going two tight end, fullbacks extra linemen etc to help address this. I don't think it will be easy for the Eagles but it can be done.

STS: On defense BC will only have to face Cole Stoudt rather than freshman phenom Deshaun Watson, what advantage do you feel this gives BC?

BCI: BC really hasn't had to face a dynamic quarterback like Watson this year that can do everything, so holding off on that will definitely be an advantage for the Eagles. BC is good on defense but they aren't great, and not having to account for Watson who can move the ball with his feet as well as his arm is big.

STS: BC opened as 9 point underdog this week, what has to go right from a BC perspective to get a win this weekend?

BCI: The game is going to be fought and won by one of the teams in the trenches. If BC can contain Clemson's defensive line I like the Eagles' chances for an upset but if Vic Beasley and company can be disruptive I'll go with the Tigers.