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Weekly Clemson News and Recruiting Links

A weekly roundup of news and recruiting updates around Clemson Sports

Tyler Smith

I nearly got a heart attack standing on the hill after Jayron Kearse made that game saving tackle up until our goal line stand. The Valley was absolutely electric all throughout the game Saturday and was especially deafening after the fourth down stop by our defense. We can thank Bobby Petrino for adding fuel to the fire and firing the Death Valley crowd up with his idiotic comments early last week. I have no doubt that the crowd noise played a huge factor in deciding the game. But hats off to the defense for playing their butts off... They showed a lot of heart especially after Deshaun went down and Cole Stoudt's shaky play at quarterback. The defense has more pressure on them now that DW will be out for a few weeks.

Now onto the news and notes.....

BC is running into a defensive power in Clemson - Sports - The Boston Globe

Good to see our players on defense are getting more respect this year than in past years.... The defense has to carry the load for the next few weeks with DW being out with an injury and Cole Stoudt's inconsistent play. Also noting that unlike last week, we are getting more respect from our opponent's head coach (although last week's comments were aimed at the fan base).

Observations After Attending the Clemson Game - Card Chronicle

As a current Clemson student, I love nothing more than to see this fan post from Card Chronicle. It says a lot about why Clemson has the best fans and why our gameday atmosphere is one of the best in the country. It is always awesome seeing us leave a good impression on visiting fans.

#STRecruiting: Clemson gets their 2016 quarterback in Zerrick Cooper

A significant recruiting nugget from Saturday. A four-star on 247, Cooper gives the Tigers Coaching Staff a strong arm and a whole lot of athleticism to put into the mix to compete to replace DW after he leaves for the draft(whenever that is...I would predict after his junior year). Cooper will likely be competing with Kelly Bryant and Tucker Israel in a few years for the starting quarterback position. Good to see that we will have a number of quality, high upside quarterbacks over the next few years as backup options and potential successors to Deshaun.

Final Littlejohn report pushed back, new football facility on fast track - Orange and White Story

Here's a facility update for the Athletic Expansion projects. This is concerning, to say the least, that the final approvals for the basketball project have been pushed back and that construction will be starting later. As long as the construction is done in time for the 2016-17 basketball season, this will be insignificant although we would all prefer for the final approvals of this project to be out of the way. When DRad announced the plans for the Athletic Expansion projects, I felt this was honestly the most important one. With our basketball program on an upswing, the renovations to Littlejohn are much needed to build the program to its highest potential. Great to see that the AD is being proactive with the football program and coming up with plans for a new Operations facility. I feel this project is only a bonus for the football program as the West End Zone serves as a fine headquarters for the football team.

#STRecruiting: Hanahan receiver having a lot of interaction with Clemson

Here's a note on a 2016 in-state receiver who the coaching staff is continuing to evaluate...

#STRecruiting: Lexington receiver Hopper hopes Clemson likes his junior film

Another 2016 in-state receiver that is getting looks from the coaching staff. Interesting to see that Dabo and Co. are planning on taking three receivers in the next recruiting cycle.