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GameThread: Clemson vs Ohio State

Clemson seeks redemption from a terrible Orange Bowl performance a couple years ago tonight against the Buckeyes from Ohio State. We've looked at the film on the Buckeyes and they're deserving of their ranking nationally.

Their offense is so similar to our own that we didn't feel a need to detail it much here this month. OSU runs basically the same plays from very similar formations. The main difference between our offenses is their ability to run more zone read options with the better runner at QB, and that they don't take quite as many deep shots downfield -- this being because their WRs just aren't as talented as ours.

We expect Clemson to play primarily Cover 1 Robber with a little Cover 3 Zone mixed in against them tonight. Robber will allow us to have someone over the middle to spy Miller, but recall that the Robber has to take a RB if he comes across the middle or assist in crossing WRs, which still opens up the middle for a scramble. This is why it'll be key for our pass rush to hold Miller in the pocket. If the DE's rush past him, he's going to run all over us. It'd be better for us to stop the rush and hold him in the pocket and make him beat us with his arm. If Clemson can do that, I believe we win.

But I don't believe we're going to hold Ohio State down. Theyre OL is too talented and they play well as a unit. Carlos Hyde is going to get his yards. They are too good on offense for our D to stop them, we'll just need to get a few key stops and hold Miller as best we can under 100 yards.

I do not see Ohio State stuffing Clemson's passing game unless Tajh Boyd gets rattled and starts turning the ball over. They are bad back there on defense. Hopefully Chad will take the run if we have success and if so, we should win.

But I'm really just hoping the right Clemson team shows up tonight. Lack of mental toughness is usually our problem and it bit us twice this year. Are they tough enough upstairs tonight?