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Clemson ACC Football Schedule Released


The ACC decided to release their schedule early this year, and it means Clemson fans can finally begin planning some fall trips to Death Valley. The highlights on the schedule include the same trifecta of UGA, FSU, and USC as last year, along with welcoming new conference foes Louisville to Death Valley.

Date Opponent
August 30th @Georgia
September 6th SC State
September 20th @FSU
September 27th UNC
October 4th NC State
October 11th Louisville
October 18th @BC
October 25th Syracuse
November 6th @Wake Forest
November 15th @Georgia Tech
November 22nd GSU
November 29th South Carolina

Our bye weeks come before the trip to FSU and our Thursday night game against Wake Forest. And no, that is not a typo, Clemson once again has a Thursday night game. The good news is that it comes after a bye week and also gives us some additional time to prep for Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets may be down, but any chance to get extra practice in ahead of triple option offense is a good thing.

The big takeaway from this is just how bad our home schedule is this year. Yes, we have USC at home, but outside of that it could be a lot of ugly games. Some pundits are touting UNC as a dark horse, but something about believing it when I see it comes to mind. Louisville is the second best game at home, but with a new HC and some new starters it is hard to say just how dominant they will be.

Syracuse will also be making their first trip to Clemson, and it will be interesting to see what their fans think. As you may remember not all of them were big fans of Clemson last year. At least the heat won't affect them too much given their home field.

The biggest downside to the schedule has to be the scheduling of the Clemson - FSU game so early in the season. From the ACC's standpoint why is the biggest conference matchup coming in the 4th week of the season, especially when it is to an extent a winner take all game? This is a matchup that should be played the last weekend in October or first weekend in November every year. Ideally both teams would also play Louisville around the same time. It has to be the biggest screw up by the ACC, though none of us can be that surprised.