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Dabo Swinney's Ridiculous Contract Extension

Rob Carr

As many have already heard, Clemson signed Dabo to an 8-year $3.15 Million per year contract extension today, when nobody else has even come calling for him and his agent has attempted multiple times to get other schools to show interest to no avail. Here are the details:

  • The 3.15M per year puts him in the Top 10 nationally and 3rd in the ACC.
  • 8 years was negotiated because Swinney's son is in 4th grade, and this would see him through HS graduation.
  • A member of the BOT asked DRad why there is no incentive for beating SC, and DRad said it wasn't necessary.
  • There is a pool of his personal money to give to assistants in the 275K range.

2014: $3.15 million
2015: $3.3 million
2016: $3.45 million
2017: $3.45 million
2018: $3.45 million
2019: $3.45 million
2020: $3.45 million
2021: $3.45 million

2014: $24 million    - WHAT THE HELL?
2015: $20.7 million - WHAT THE HELL?
2016: $17.2 million - WHAT THE HELL?
2017: $10.3 million - WHAT THE HELL?

2018: $7.7 million
2019: $4 million
2020: $2 million

2014: $5 million
2015: $5 million
2016: $5 million
2017: $3 million
2018: $2.5 million
2019: $1 million
2020: $500,000

Supplemental Pay based on the 2016 pay and thereafter:

9 wins - 100K bonus.

10 wins - 125K

11 wins - 150K

12 wins - 300K

If he wins the ACC in '14-16, the base immediately goes up to $3.5M per year for the following year, and the incentives begin for the following year. So if he wins the ACC in 2015, he gets 3.5M base pay increase the January following, and the incentives kick in for the 2016 season. If he wins 11 and the ACC, he just gets the base pay raise. If he wins 11 games and doesn't win the ACC that year, he only gets his 150K bonus.

Performance Incentives:

ACC Division Champ: 50K

ACC Title: 100K


College Playoff Bowl as ACC champ: 300K, non-champ: 200K.


College Playoff Semifinal Appearance: 400K

College Playoff Champ Appearance: 400K

National Champion: 100K - WTF? he gets more for appearing in the game than he does winning it?


Bowl appearance: 25K

Bowl Win: 50K

And APR > 950: 75K, if it ever drops below 950 he gets no bonuses at all.

AFCA/Bear Bryant Coaching Award: 50K

I think this is one of the most retarded contracts ever written. It should be more incentive and performance based than base salary. What moron came up with a 20 Million dollar buyout? If Chad leaves and he tanks in 2015 or 2016, we'd have to pay 20/17 million to get rid of him. He's basically guaranteed himself a job here after Chad leaves.

On top of that, the bonuses should be higher for winning the ACC or national championship, and there should not be a bonus for winning 9 games, ever. I'd have changed the 10-12 wins bonuses to trigger only if beating SC is included in those wins, because winning 11 still feels like shit when Spurrier hands him his ass.