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Orange Bowl Game Film Review

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN Play-by-play

CU at 25 - Reverse/sweep for Sammy for 3. SW was lined up basically right behind Thomas...QB Power for no gain, probably because Shatley never actually hit a single OSU player on his pull...Flips to Hot Rod out of the backfield for 15. He's the hot read on the OLB blitz...Touch pass to Davidson off the edge for 3..Read option give to Hot Rod for 6. Held that ball too long...QB Power for 48 yard TD. 7-0 Clemson. 6 plays 75 yards, 2:10.

Count the blockers vs. defenders in the box. This play is designed to have the LT veer inside and take out the backside LB 55. The two TEs are to take the unblocked DE 34. Shatley pulls into the hole to take out the first threat to the play, which ends up being the frontside LB 2.




#2 went just a bit outside and got nailed by Shatley, the other LB is getting blocked by Thomas, so unless a safety is there, this is going a long way and it did.

OSU at 25 -Power for loss of 1....Swing pass for 12, Smith missed a tackle at the line...Midline give for no gain... bucksweep for 4...Vic Beasley sack on Miller, gets bullshit penalty for taunting. Sideline penalty also called on Brent Venables. There was no warning for sideline previous...Power for 9. Christian went inside when he should've set the edge...Jet sweep for short gain, negated on a clipping call on Anthony...Sweep for 13 up the middle...Substitution penalty on OSU...TE over the middle for 6...4th & 2 at CU 49, they run a fake right up the middle for 6. We didn't execute, we had the right front called for this...Miller scrambles for 0.5 yard...bucksweep for 7, we had this defended but Anthony overran it and Hyde cut it back inside. DLman missed tackle...IZ for 2..Miller keeps it for 33 yard TD. Why was Darius Robinson standing in the endzone trying to make a tackle? 7-7. 13 plays 75 yards, 7:06.

Looked like we had C1 on, everyone was pulled deep with their receivers, and the would-be Robber went the other way on the sweep motion they used. Once Vic rushed and opened the B-gap he had a clear hole.

CU at 25 - Screen to SW for 27...Again for 6...Touch pass to Davidson for 8. Nice blocking on the outside...Post route to Sammy for 34 yd TD. 14-7 Clemson. 4 plays 75 yards, 0:48.

Safety looked inside instead of staying over the top and Sammy Watkins outruns Vonn Bell. Nice use of formation by The Chad.

OSU at 25 - Swing pass to Brown for 15...Option sweep for 15. Hyde cut the edge man...Beasley comes free immediately and missed the sack, Anthony takes a good angle on the tackle for 3...IZ for 1...Anthony bats down a pass, really great play. He's playing Robber there. Punt, downed at the 1. 5 plays 34 yards, 2:25.

CU at 1 - Tajh Boyd intentional grounding in endzone, safety. Battle also chopped someone on the other side. 14-9 Clemson.

It's a 2-man route vs C3, we were in max protect and the left side pissed down their legs on their blocks. They should never have come free against Davis and Thomas. If they had protected, Sammy was open on the deep cross.


I don't believe it was as bad a call as others do, I believe a 5th yr senior should know to not throw it where there was no one. Its max protect and we can't block.

OSU at 46 - IZ for 3...Miller misses a wide open TE running free, Kearse screwed up. But it would've come back on ineligible man downfield (TE was covered)...Blitz, Shaq Lawson gets the sack...False start on the punt. 3 plays -11 yards.

Really clutch by the D there, this could've snowballed.

CU at 16 - WR screen to SW for 11...IZ for 5...Swing pass to Hot Rod, thrown low and dropped...QB Power for 1. Davis pulled out and couldnt block the free End. Got to move those feet...Start 2nd QTR...Punt. 4 plays 17 yards, 1:01.

OSU at 24 - OZ for 2..Miller's pass on a hitch was into the ground, deflected by Williams...Weak side blitz from Shuey and Breeland gets to Miller. Hyde should've had Shuey and slipped. Punt. 3 plays -7 yards, 1:24.

This is quite well disguised. He'd have probably read C3 and its really man outside.


CU at 31 - Pass to the flats to SW, thrown too late and he gets nailed for no gain...Power read give to Hot Rod for 13..Jordan Leggett free down the sideline for 43. It was a CB blitz on that side. The safety gets suckered inside by Bryant, who rounds off his route and runs it lazily, but nobody saw Leggett...QB Power for 4...IZ for 3...Tajh rolls right and throws a pick. 6 plays 63 yards, 2:21.

Bonehead Tajh. If he runs it he'll get to the marker or close to it. If he throws it earlier, when SW is open, its 6. He did neither.

Sammy is running a quick out, ball needed to be thrown to him right here. The only other pass option is to try a perfect bullet throw to Bryant over the "S", but that CB is right with him and its likely incomplete with the safety also there.


OSU at 5 - IZ for 7...iZ for 1...IZ for 1. Great interior run fitting, Jarrett would not let them move him. Kearse made the tackle.

CU at 23 - Power Read, Jet give to SW for 29...Tajh runs for the 1st, called back on illegal use of hands by Battle...Tunnel screen for SW for 13...IZ for 6...Quick hitch to Bryant, makes them miss and goes 22...Boyd somehow avoids sack and runs up the middle for 15. Norton got his ass kicked....Speed Option pitch to McDowell for 4..Fade TD pass to Bryant over the CB's head. CB wasn't even looking back for the ball, you have no chance if that happens. MISSED EXTRA POINT. 20-9 Clemson. 7 plays 77 yards, 2:35.

OSU from 15 - Called Keeper for 12...IZ for 1... Shovel pass to Hyde, but Beasley got there so fast he couldn't pass it. TFL of 3...3 man rush on 3rd & 12, Miller finds Brown coming across for 18...Heuerman wide open for 57 yd TD. XP Blocked. 20-15 Clemson. 5 plays 85 yards, 2:37.

Bonehead Kearse. He looked outside and jumped on #3's (Hyde) wheel route when he should've taken the #2 man COMING RIGHT UP THE SEAM UNTOUCHED. The TE must be chucked coming out of the backfield, you never give a free release up the seam, and Shuey should've picked up Hyde's wheel.




That is a truly pathetic play by Kearse.

CU at 29 - WR screen to GHop for 2...ZR/IZ for 4...Draw for 4...Inside counter reverse for 6...WR screen to SW for 10...Boyd's backshoulder throw to Bryant well-defended by the CB. Catchable though...RB screen for 5. Tackled himself waiting for Shatley to block...TO CU...Quick slant to AH was batted at line. Thomas missed his cut block on the DE totally...TO CU...4th & 5, swing pass to Hot Rod tackled just short of the marker. Turnover on downs. 9 plays 35 yards, 2:30.

Personal foul called for late hit out of bounds on the sideline tackle, but it doesn't give us a 1st down, because of the change of possession.

OSU from 21 - Lateral pass to Hyde for 6, counts as a run. Good tackle by Stephone Anthony..TO OSU...Philly Brown wide open behind Anthony on a dig route, gets 15...TE right up the middle for 16...Reader almost sacks Miller, flings it out of bounds. Darius Robinson called for hands-to-face, face masked the WR...Philly Brown runs up the sideline and gets 24, which is where Kearse should be. Kearse came down to the flat and he and the CB were covering the same area. He should be deep...TO OSU...Miller basically a QB Iso for the TD. 22-20 Ohio State. 5 plays 64 yards, 0:57.

So we basically shit the bed on this drive. Robinson's penalty was legit, and unnecessary, but its not called often. Kearse not being where he should be allowed the 24 yarder, and us not challenging guys up the damn seams gave them 30 on two throws.

CU at OSU 49 - Boyd scrambles for 6. They were trying for a bomb on a rollout and nothing was there.


Disappointing first half when I watch it again, because we should be up by something like 28-14. Instead, we just pulled a gun out and started picking off our toes one by one.

I was worried about Hyde, and we stuffed Hyde. I was worried about Miller's running, and we did alright. Clemson's defense appears well-coached and prepared for what they see, but they made some dumb mistakes and the refs are calling every ticky-tack foul they can call.

As we've said all year, fix our FS/SS positions and this defense is basically lights-out. Our LBs need work in pass coverage as does the NB, but the Safeties kill us. Kearse killed us in the first half. He's active up front but he loses it in coverage.

I'm surprised we arent jumping the snap on the hand slap by Miller.

Start 3rd QTR

OSU at 25 - IZ for 6..IZ for 4..IZ for 6..IZ for 3.5...Beasley gets all over Miller for 2 yard loss. If Miller gives it its a 1st down. Punt. 5 plays 17 yards.

I wish we'd have rushed this punter a time or two.

CU from 12 - QB Iso for 5..Touch pass to Davidson for 16, nice cut/arc block by Cooper sprung this, Bryant blocked well too. Kalon Davis pulled around (power blocking inside) and didn't block a damn soul...Zone sweep for 7...WR screen for 12...Davidson drops the ball on a touch pass. Honestly I'd have called that a handoff, and a 5 yard loss. Surprised the refs didnt...Kalon Davis gets his ass kicked on an inside move and Boyd gets sacked. Thomas whiffed as well...Boyd scrambles and a pass to Mike Williams knocked away, good coverage by CB. Punt. 7 plays 31 yards, 2:36.

OSU from 13 - Coverage great, Beasley bats down a backward pass to Hyde. Should be a fumble, yet Breeland gets called for a hold to give them 10...Jet sweep for 5...QB Power for 6 to the sideline...IZ for 4..Busted play, Miller takes it himself up the middle for 6...Ball thrown on a post, PI called on Robinson. I'd call holding because I don't think he can get to the ball, but DRob didn't need to grab the WR...WR screen for 6..IZ for 1...Lead QB Power for 2...4th & 1. Power and Hyde goes 31, Kearse ran him down. Christian had the gap, and got knocked down. Smith not in position to make a play...Power O for TD. 29-20 Ohio State. 9 plays 87 yards, 4:47.

This is the big play. M2M coverage as we're going in motion with the crosser. The TE/OT both down angle block and the RG pulls left, with the H-back leading. Christian has the outside gap, Anthony should scrape left, and Smith fills.



Christian takes the H-back head-up-to-inside, leaving the outside open. 79 pulls around and cuts inside 81's block to take out SA.


You can see Christian get swallowed up, SA is engaged and only Smith has a real shot. Hyde runs outside 81 and cuts through both Christian and Smith. Kearse ran him down from the opposite side of the field.


Didn't play the run very well up front on this drive at all. Meyer knows who his horse is and he's feeding him. At this point we needed to see Clemson stand up, not roll over like they have before when things get out of hand.

CU at 17 - Touch pass to SW for 3. Holding called on Smith...WR screen to Hopper for 5...Screen to SW and he almost gets the 1st down...QB Power and no block by Davis or anyone else on the right side. Davis got over to the hole and didn't run into the defender. Punt.

Ohio state muffs the punt at the OSU 33. Smith recovered it.

QB Iso/keeper for 3...Pressure forces Boyd to throw it at Hot Rod's feet. Battle didn't move his feet. I can't believe the hit on Hot Rod isn't flagged for being late...Boyd scrambles and hits SW in the endzone for 30 yard TD. Fantastic play. 29-27 Ohio State. 3 plays 33 yards, 0:49.

I'd like to thank Ohio State for Clemsoning the ball back to us. They probably have this game sealed if not for that. Here is the play against Cover 2 Man.


OSU at 25 - Garry Peters blitzes into Miller as he releases, batted away. Nearly picked off by Jarrett...Bucksweep for 2...Beasley forces Miller out, he throws it to Kearse at the 38.

CU at OSU 38 - Screen to SW for 14...QB Power read for 15...Pitch to Hot Rod for 6. I wish we ran this a little more often...Thrown to back corner for Martavis for TD. 34-29 Clemson. 4 plays 38 yards, 1:25.

4 plays and the game is completely flipped around - muffed punt, pass to sammy, INT and this to Bryant. They were in complete control.

OSU at 25 - IZ cut outside for 3 because we had two men there for the option handoff. Start 4th QTR. WR screen for 7. We were playing off...Power run outside for 9...WR screen for 4. Christian took the blocker hard but we didn't get to Brown quick enough...Blitz, swing pass batted down by Crawford...QB Draw for 2. Shuey knocked the hell out of him...Blitz, finds Smith half a yard short of 1st down on the sideline, but a sideline penalty gives them 1st down. Again, it was on the opposite sideline. Bullshit call...Hyde is wide open on a wheel route for 25. Shuey took a swing route out of the backfield, Kearse is supposed to take Hyde as he comes up the sideline...Sack by Grady Jarrett...Beasley nearly sacks Miller but Hyde is wide open on the sideline, prayer pass is complete for TD. Kearse again not with his man. Personal foul called on Shuey for roughing the passer. Another bullshit call. 35-34 Ohio State, 10 plays 75 yards, 3:57.

Clemson stuffs the 2 point try, Christian tips away an out route. The QB waited too long to throw it.

Kearse's play is even worse on review than it was live. Its Man coverage. Kearse is looking in the backfield while Hyde comes up the sideline on the TD and there is NO ONE looking for him.

Apparently no one reminded Kearse that he has a job to do with the #2/3 receiver before this game. He's losing the wheel route out of the backfield over and over.




CU at 25 - WR screen to SW for 9...Swing route to Hot Rod for 8...ZR/IZ for 5...Screen to SW for 13...QB Counter for 9...Throwback screen incomplete. Ohio State paid attention in film review...QB Power for 3...Seckinger little out cut for 9...Power cut outside for 3..QB Counter for 14, stepped out at the 2..QB Power for 1...QB Power no gain...Isaiah Battle jumped. Can't have that at the 1 yard line...Rollout to the right, thrown back to a wide open Seckinger for the TD. 2 point Trick play and Sammy doesn't put anything on the ball to Boyd, incomplete. 40-35 Clemson, 13 plays 75 yards, 5:19.

Why will Chad not realize that Sammy shouldn't throw a football, ever? That was uglier than a Rodney Williams duck.

Both teams are running a Power O variation that is really a Power Read/IV give or Power Sweep, the RB is coming across the ball on Jet-like motion towards the boundary instead of the normal Power O where he's aiming tighter to the pulling guard. Clemson has not run it until today this season that I can recall, but I had seen us run it last year.

OSU at 25 - Jet sweep for loss of 5, Beasley got the TFL but Shuey just destroyed the TE to set the edge...Miller hits Brown on a post for 21. Smith turned his hips too early and got turned around...Power Read for 16 right up the middle...Again and Crawford is on him this time for a loss...WR screen for loss of 2. Breeland held his blocker really well...CB Blitz, sacked by Breeland, fumbled, picked up by Shuey. 6 plays 22 yards, 3:04.

CU at 47 - QB Counter for 2...Substitution infraction, loss of 5..Touch pass to SW for 5...False start on Boyd, looked more like it was Beasley for pulling out too early...TO OSU. 3rd & 13, Tajh throws a slant to Hopper and misses him badly, intercepted. 3 plays -3 yards, 1:45.

Chad said later the INT play was supposed to be a run and Tajh changed it when he saw them playing off in coverage. Hopper isn't going to break that 5 yard slant for 13, the safe call here is stick with the run and punt it.

OSU at CU 48 - Crawford bats down a pass...Miller throws it to Stephone Anthony, playing Robber coverage. Threw it right at him too.

Can't believe he wouldnt have seen Anthony, didn't put any air under the ball because the post route behind Anthony by about 10 yards was open. He has a step on Kearse.

CU at 39 - Boyd keeper for 6...TO OSU..QB Power for 5 for 1st down. Clemson kneels on it.

Summarizing Thoughts

if not for the refs being in the bag for Ohio State and Kearse's continuous screwups, we blow Ohio State off the field. I don't think they had any answer for anything we were doing. We had an obvious speed advantage. Had they played in the BCS Title game, they'd have lost by 50. Chad put a little more option into our gameplan today that I've seen from us this year, e.g., the inside zones are actually zone reads and not predetermined calls.

Sammy Watkins was true to form. He played harder today than he has in a while. He had the jets on after every catch and it makes OSU look stupid on defense. If this was Duke he'd have pulled up on some of those screens or run out of bounds, but he wanted it.

Tajh had some Bonehead Tajh moments, one of which cost us a TD and another that could've given OSU the game back, but he ran very hard and made good decisions for the most part.

I was surprised we didn't run the ball more with the success McDowell had. We didn't blow them off the ball of course, because we can't even do that to Citadel, but he was running hard and of course we didn't stick with it when it worked. Most of the plays that worked were gap plays where we'd overload one point of the LOS.

10 players on our defense played a really good game. They looked well coached. They kept their leverage really well, and the edges were fairly well controlled by the Ends and LBs. It was the 1 player who played like dogshit that really cost us. As I've said all season, if you could just fix our Safety position this is easily a Top 10-15 defense.

Clemson's DL held up really well against a very good OSU OL. The DTs kept the form of the pocket so Miller didn't have run lanes up the middle. Only when Miller cut right or left did they break that. The DEs were coached, as I had hoped for coming in, to not run beyond Miller's depth in his drop. This kept him from getting huge run lanes to either side. He would've been able to kill us if we didn't do this properly. The side effect of this style of play is that the DEs are looking in the backfield and are able to bat passes down. If they had been rushing normally you wouldn't have seen so many tipped passes.