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GameThread: SC State @ Clemson

Its a 50+ point spread, which means this is a glorified scrimmage. We just need to make it through with no injuries and improve our execution in all 3 phases.

I'm looking for Clemson's OL to dominate. Over the years we have not dominated teams like this from start to finish up front. There is no excuse for a letdown performance against SC State by our front and we should roll their defense over. We should have 200 yards on the ground and we should see all 4 backs play.

In the passing game I'm hoping to see the ball spread around a bit. Bryant needs catches to get his confidence back. I'd like to see Hopper and Williams if they don't plan to redshirt him.

SC state will spread us to run the ball, but I don't want our defense to make another QB look like Peyton as they loved to do last year. I'd leave the starters in for a while because we need the reps to get our issues fixed. Let the backups play later on.