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Know Thy Enemy: Back Like Florida State Edition

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we have some actual factual football to talk about it is time to return to a look at how Clemson's opponents are doing on a week by week basis. As always we are including records, rankings, and a link to the game recap. I promise to be irreverent as ever. And now onto the scores.

SC State: 0-1

It is never good when you lose to Coastal Carolina in football. This will be the perfect game to get hammered in the afternoon and then coast through the rest of the day in a haze of Fuck USC comments.

NC State: 1-0 (0-0)

NC State has decided to sucker us into thinking our Thursday night game will be easy by having QB Brandon Mitchell break his leg. Their backup is some guy who hasn't played college football since 2011 so think of Cullen Harper, but maybe he has some talent.

Wake Forest:1-0 (0-0)

Yea the Deacs won a game! What, it was against Presbyterian? Oh, well props to them I guess, everyone needs a win somewhere.

Syracuse: 0-1 (0-0)

Syracuse actually played a team that resembles competence in Penn State, but still this is a Nittany Lion team that lost to Ohio last year. We'll be watching this team closely because an ACC opener in the Carrier Dome screams potential upset if we aren't careful.

Boston College: 1-0 (0-0)

Thankfully BC managed to beat Villanova. I say thankfully because it looked like classic BC derpitude for the first half or so. Instead of being our Uconn, BC managed to put everything together and get the victory.

Florida State: 1-0 (1-0) #11

They're BACK! Or something like that. Winston definitely has the ability but it will be a whole different thing when the squad comes to Death Valley. Also it was a victory against Pitt, that isn't anything super special. Oh and the article above pretty much sums up all you're going to hear about FSU for the next month and a half.

Maryland: 1-0 (0-0)

Apparently not using your 5th string QB will actually let you score some points. Maryland put an absolute beatdown on FIU and had this one on cruise control. If Brown can stay healthy it wouldn't be a surprise to see them shock a few teams. Maybe even FSU?

Virginia:1-0 (0-0)

This game had everything, thunderstorm delays, wacky penalties, and in the end Virginia got a nice OOC win over BYU. It won't be this easy against Oregon next week, but for a program like Virignia it is all about the baby steps. May they add even more chaos to the ACC Coastal.

Georgia Tech:1-0 (0-0)

This is what can happen with the triple option when it all goes pear-shaped. It got bad enough that Elon asked for a running clock. Sadly Elon didn't join the ranks of the other FCS teams who decided to take the money, bitch-slap their host, and then roll out on buses.There is always next time I guess.

Citadel: 0-1

Yea they lost to some scrub team named Charleston Southern. If they score 10 points against us I'll be pissed.

South Carolina: 1-0 #6

The only real surprise here is that Spurrier didn't leave to play golf during the weather delay. Going forward it is going to be interesting to see how teams decide to handle Clowney. He is certainly a force, but the amount of press he is receiving far outweighs his talent. May he become ineffective for the rest of the season.