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Tigers Dominate Deacs 56-7

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Finally a game where we looked something like what we should today in Tigertown. Clemson jumped up quickly and aside from a set of drives in the late 1st/early 2nd we looked good on offense. The defense similarly dominated, aside from 1 drive. I was hoping to break the 1981 scoring record, but 56 will do.

Clemson's DL dominated Wake and they really had no chance to get anything going. We crushed them on 3rd downs, we applied good consistent pass rush, and stuffed the run. Less than 250 yards allowed today, 60 yards rushing, and 2/14 on 3rd downs according to the last stat lines. WF scored on one drive, which I believe was aided by the defensive calls we were in; they dinked and dunked swing passes in the flats and because we were playing BV's soft C3, we didn't have enough guys close enough to the flats to take them. Venables went with more C1 afterwards and it shut them down.

The offense came out of the gate and quickly put up 3 TDs, then sputtered. The reasons are the same as they have been all season, with an addition of not being able to consistently handle Whitlock up front. We did not get good movement inside against what is a pitiful (overall) WF front 7. RT position doesn't get push, but we knew Shaq Anthony was not a good run blocker. We were a little slow on several pulls at both Guard positions with Kalon Davis and Tyler Shatley. If we run a bucksweep the OL need to get around the edge before the back gets there.

I would like to know why Chad forces Tajh Boyd to run the ball even when we're up 3-4 TDs. I don't want to see the starting QB with 17 carries, which was nearly double the next guy, unless he's running for his life. We need to work on the RB game, and we don't give them the ball to do anything with. I believe the 25 carries you saw Hot Rod get against UGA will be an aberration this year (though he got dinged up early today). I'll be surprised if he hits 25 again in any one game, Chad won't let him.

Altogether a domination, hardly more than a scrimmage, but I think there is plenty for the offense to work on in the trenches in the next few weeks.