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Wake Forest Pregame Goodies/Open Thread

It is a Clemson football Saturday, so everyone should be at least a little excited even if it is only the Salem Deacons rolling into the Valley.  Clemson should win big and we get a good look at how the interior offensive line will react with the center covered/shaded by a pretty dang good nose.  As we have bemoaned repeatedly over the past couple years or so, odd fronts have given us fits in the past so this should be another good measuring stick of how we'll react to the 0-tech.

In other action, the Gamecocks roll down to Orlando to face a better than you'd expect UCF team featuring a jam up quarterback.  LSU and Georgia tee it up between the hedges...UGa is much better at home than on the road but LSU did look good last week. Notre Dame and Oklahoma--Boomer Sooner!  Hopefully OU can beat the Irish on NBC today.  Bama hosts Ole Miss.  Lots of people point to that one as a potential trap.  If it was played down in Oxford, I'd say yes but I don't see the Tide losing in Tuscaloosa.

Otherwise, there is no FedEx Cup to watch which means we are without network televised golf for a while.  Never fear, though, as there is always some sort of charity event or some such they are showing on the Golf Channel.  Last night they had a bunch of Senior players team up with teenagers.  Today it is European Tour and Nike Tour events.  That is the nice thing about golf...there is always a tournament in progress.

Enough of my rambling.  Use the comments section below as an open thread and open forum for discussion until the official GameThread goes live at 3:30.  Otherwise, it is loud music from the Black Crows (I wanted to play a little Steve Miller Band but I figured I'd go on a tear and couldn't get back to Motley Crue when it really mattered, so I'll save that one for the offseason) followed by wrastlin'.