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Know Thy Enemy: Nothing Makes Sense Edition


Streeter Lecka

The Clemson game proved to be an indicator of just how crazy college football would be this weekend. Michigan, Southern Cal, and Notre Dame all came close to losing. Sadly the football gods were against me on that front this weekend. Bama looked like crap for 3 quarters against former OC Jim McElwain's Colorado State team. VT tried their best to lose to Marshall at home. Oh well, we are now getting into the ACC schedule which means we can see plenty of derpfests going forward.

Georgia: 2-1 #9

Just remember, as bad as it seemed for us on Thursday, there was a point where Georgia was in serious danger of losing to North Texas. Sometimes you have to win ugly, even if you are the best team in the country. Look at Bama for an example. Georgia will be fine, they are the same team everyone expected, their season is not ending because of this scare.

SC State: 2-2

Hey the Bulldogs won another game. They played some school called Benedict, they don't even have an image on ESPN, and the Bulldogs put a whipping on them, 59-6. Perhaps the most important information about Benedict College is Howie Bell is one of their famous alums.

Wake Forest: 2-2 (0-1)

At one point the score during Wake's victory over Army was 11-10 thanks to a safety. The Deamon Deacs managed to pull out the win in the second half thankfully. A lot has been made about Clemson's listless performance against NC State, but if we don't look good with the first team in this game I'll start getting worried.

Syracuse: 2-2 (0-0)

After a rough start Syracuse has crawled back to .500 by thrashing Tulane 52-17. The Orange people now get a week of ahead of their ACC opener against us on October 5th. Hopefully they revert to the first two weeks of their season, no need to let things get interesting.

Boston College: 2-1 (1-0)

BC took the weekend off to watch some game film on Florida State ahead of next week. If you were up in Boston this weekend the sound you heard was the coaching staff crapping their pants.

Florida State: 3-0 (1-0) #8

FSU continued the beat the stuffing out of bad teams tour by walloping Bethune Cookman 54-6. Winston had another good game against a pathetic opponent, and at this rate we are going to hear all about the Boyd vs. Winston battle ahead of our game against them.

Maryland: 4-0 (0-0)

A lot of folks have been talking about "Clemsoning" against Maryland right after the Florida State game. I don't think we can call that game a potential Clemsoning anymore. Maryland is easily the third best team in the Atlantic, and the gap between FSU and us to Maryland is not as large (in terms of execution) as it may seem. There is still a good gap in recruited talent, but they are playing at a higher level. The defense has always been pretty good, and with Diggs and Brown on offense this is a decent team at College Park. Their win Saturday against WVU was pretty impressive even factoring in the talent WVU lost. The question now is whether Dana Holgerson can get that program back up to where he inherited it.

Virginia: 2-1 (0-0)

Hooray for beating up on crap teams. The White Meat faced off against VMI and beat them as expected. Thankfully this weekend is the end of the OOC schedule for most teams, I'm pretty sick of writing about teams no one cares about. I want some excitement.

Georgia Tech: 3-0 (2-0)

Tech is already 2 games into their ACC schedule and this victory against UNC was pretty nice. It wasn't a typical GT win with lot's of scoring, but the Yellow Jackets showed they can get an important conference victory when it matters. UNC initially gave them a good fight on defense, but the Dive wore them down and once UNC's offense gave the ball back enough times, their defense didn't have anything left. After that, Tech went up and NC was toast.

Citadel: 1-3

The Citadel sucks, this week they lost to Old Dominion 59-58. It was so bad that the WWL didn't even bother to have a recap of the game.

South Carolina: 2-1 #12

The Gamecocks also took the weekend off to reflect on their difficult weekend against Vanderbilt. Next up for them is the always troublesome UCF Knights. They better watch out for that team.