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WLB Kellen Jones injured, and DT Carlos Watkins injured in Car Accident

Unofficial reports out of Clemson today on two fronts. Backup LB Kellen Jones, who played a decent chunk of snaps against SC State, has possibly torn an ACL in the Thursday night NC State game and is out for the season. I think we may finally  see Tony Steward forced into more action as backup to Spencer Shuey.

Kellen looked pretty aggressive in the SC State film, with a bit of Brandon Maye's ready-fire-aim qualities. I did not see the play where he was injured against NC State.

Carlos Watkins, basically the 5th DT coming into the season, but who has played as well as or better than Reader so far, was in a car accident today in the bad weather. I have heard that Carlos will be remaining in the hospital overnight for observation, but was not seriously injured. There was reportedly a fatality in the accident, but I have not heard who that may be.

We'll update the story as more information is released.