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Open Date Sunday Thoughts

You know I am in a good mood when I talk about the stuff below, then give you a little Jupiter Coyote.

Open Date is probably the best opponent on the schedule.  My blood pressure stayed low and others had to worry about their football teams.  Hell, I got to call Dr. B and the phone wasn't picked up with immediate cussing and yelling.  My chat with you guys is gonna be all over the place (with little football because I need a week off...I swear Clemson football has already robbed me of 10 years of life), but that's just what you get sometimes.   Here is how the Dr. b conversation went.  Dr. B explained complex physics theories then quickly discussed the simple things in life...what goes through Les Miles' head during gameday.  We disagree a bit on how LSU should attack Bama...I say Bama's gap control is so shitty that I would run the ball 40 times right up the center's ass.  Dr. B wants to run the ball up the center's as for 20 and slightly offtackle for another 20.  I think Dr. B just wants to get cute and see a kickout from a pulling guard.  It is a moot point because Les will find a way to avoid all of the above.

Onto more serious issues, I tried and tried to get Dr. B to trade the ‘Vette for a sweet ass '87 IROC Camero.  No love and now he is trying to convince me that I need a Dale Earnhardt edition Lumina.  I'll agree, I do need one of those but not before the IROC.  I need an '87 IROC Camero with T-Tops and one of those back window venetian blind getups.  For the first couple years, I may even toss some sort of "Get ‘er Done" insignia up there.

I will save all my football talk for next week.  Other than a couple of out guys getting dinged up I really have little to say.  What I will say is I cut the golf ball.  I don't get through the ball and all the shots I hit with a wood slice and all the iron shots are pulled.  I've decided to fix that.  I played like shit Friday but the ball went straight and, hell, I scored better than usual.  A bad shot into the fairway is much better than a killer shot into the woods.  I think I am just to the point of understanding that my back kills me after 9 holes.  If I am going to have back pain, I may as well have back pain in the fairway.

I guess you all saw Money Mayweather win last night.  I love these fights for a couple reasons, but watching Teddy Atlas act like a damn idiot is fun.  As everybody knows, Mayweather is the freaking man, but Teddy somehow shows his ass while telling us what we all knew.

For all of you out there who lectured me on how behind the times I am in relation to the Race For the Chase, please explain how this isn't a complete clusterfuck.  Helton changes the rules at his whim.  I was (and still am) ride or die #3.  That is my damn driver, and I love that 3 car.  However, this is a freaking joke and you know it.  Why is the FedEx Cup better than NASCAR's crap?  Because they just let the players play.  If 24 was good enough to get into the chase (and to you dumbasses point, it is a long season) then 24 would be in.  Gordon is the best racecar driver since Earnhardt that is no question.  To give him a 13th spot is stupid.  Tell me please how this system is better than the old system?  You  can't when the powers that be just change the rules when they feel like it.

Would I take the old Winston Cup points rules back, hell yes.  The system needs multi-car teams to pay the bills but gets pissed when these teams actually work together.  I used to live for Sunday and hearing Eli Gold call the race.  A lot of that changed in February of 2001.  A lot more changed when NASCAR sold out to some sort of playoff system.  Now that Helton changes the rules in the middle of the game, it is ridiculous.  Yes, Jeff Gordon is the best driver of our generation.  Is he better than Earnhardt, hell no.  Earnhardt won seven championships.  The fact that NASCAR hammered Waltrip and just threw 24 into the mix is pathetic.  I used to live and die #3.  After Earnhardt died, I pulled for the 88 and the 29.  Once they changed the rules, I lost interest.  I now will watch the race at Talladega but that is it.  Helton's bullshit this week is beyond repair.  Was it better under the old Winston Cup format, Hell yes.  Fire away, but you are wrong.