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Embrace the Expectations

Streeter Lecka

Can you see feel it? Can you hear it? Can you even see it? It is the sound of thousands in Clemson, waiting for the start of perhaps the biggest season since the 1980's. We have a night game in the truest of al Death Valleys against one of the biggest teams in the country. Many expect us to crumble, to wilt as Clemson teams of Bowden have done. Instead we will triumph. 2012 was the end of pulling a Clemson, 2013 will be when Clemson returns to glory. The 1980's have been considered Clemson's greatest period, now is when everyone notices a second period of greatness beginning.

Are there questions on this team, yes. But every team has questions, even Alabama. Here and now we can embrace the anticipation and expectations. We have a Heisman-worthy quarterback at the helm, possibly the best we've ever seen here. Out at receiver there is a young man who stunned the campus and the nation 2 years ago. We all know he can light a secondary on fire quicker than he lights up, now he gets to prove it once again.

Ok, the defense hasn't always done well, who cares. There are a few guys who can make a play here or there. All the defense needs to do is keep us in the game. This isn't your father's Clemson where the defense won the game while the offense looked like a sober Steve Spurrier. When the time comes this team will put their heads down and win the damn game. We saw it happen against LSU, and it can happen again.

The schedule is perfect. Big games to get into the national conversation coupled with an ACC slate that isn't special means Clemson should win the conference title outright. Never mind 2 of the biggest games are at home where we don't often lose. It is called Death Valley for a reason, and Clemson shows it week in and week out.

We can win the whole damn thing this year. Don't let the SEC-apologists knock us down. Just because they are the strong doesn't mean they can't get their asses kicked. All it takes is one team and we showed we can do in the Peach Bowl. All it takes is a little faith and a lot of hard work.

So buckle up, it is going to be fun; I'll see y'all in Pasadena. As a parting gift here are a few lines

It is a place where the stands match the setting sun

Where concrete shakes and bleachers rumble

It is a palace that grows in the shadow of the Blue Hills

And borders the banks of Hartwell

It is a 25 seconds plus 60 minutes

It is a Hill, a Rock, and 110%

A place where program legends can watch from a footballs throw away

Where swag is important but so is the past

It is Howard and Ford, and even a little Dabo too.

It is Tiger Rag, the Cadence Count, and the Alma Matter

It is 80,000 of your closest friends, and 85 enemies

It is the place where opponents come to die

It is Death Valley, South Carolina and it is home