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More Arrests Made In Howard's Rock Vandalism

Clemson has announced that another 2 men have been arrested as part of a conspiracy to vandalize Howard's Rock. Michael Rodgers and Alden Gainey were both arrested today for their part in the crime. Both have been charged with conspiracy and obstructing justice, and were released on bond after being arraigned in Pickens County.

Surveillance video from the attack, which occurred in early June, showed 3 men involved, and when Micah Rodgers was arrested authorities said they were still pursuing some leads. One item of note, Michael Rodgers is the son of Micah Rodgers.

At this time there has been no information released about Alden Gainey in regards to his affiliation, if any, with Clemson or any rival schools. Regardless, it seems like we can begin to put this incident behind us and focus on the important thing, football.