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Late July Sunday Thoughts

We are almost there. Let me fix this, WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!!! Football season is within our grasp.

I just said that, but we have little to talk about. We are so close to camp and actually critiquing results that it seems silly for me to go out and speculate too much now. I should have done that months ago. I think Vegas has us over/under 10 games. The media has Clemson as the clear favorite to win the ACC. We have Georgia and Scar on the schedule. If this team is worth a shit, they will have their chance to prove it...though fortunately FSU is in Death Valley and we don't play Miami.

I will say that I was intrigued by a lot of the interviews. Korncoot tried to bait Tajh into saying something stupid about Scar and/or Georgia and Boyd was having nothing of it. For some reason, the media talked to Logan Thomas and no one asked him how it felt to be the most talented TE (outside of Tim Tebow) to play the quarterback position. The media did ask Tajh how it felt not to be playing at a weight greater than his offensive line and he made the correct comments and I think Boyd has really come around. A couple years ago I wouldn't have been surprised to see Tajh break the huddle slamming a double-decker taco and halfway through a taco supreme. Now, this young man is committed to the game, committed to this team, and committed to being the best player he can be. Boyd showed how tough yet composed he can be against LSU. Boyd really gained my respect that game and I am very happy to see him as a more disciplined player. Tajh should have a huge year considering his growth and the players around him. As stupid as his numbers were last season, I expect the same this year.

One guy that I will be all over is Martavis Bryant. This guy has all the talent to have a ridiculous year--size and speed. Look for the Tigers to try and stretch the field with him and I look for Bryant to have a big year if he can finally master anything other than the Fly route. Anything less than 600-700 yards receiving this year will be deemed a failure in my book. And, yes, I do realize that Clemson is still loaded at the WR position despite the loss of Nuk. Sammy will have his big year (people bitch that he had a down year last season, but he was suspended for a couple and seemed injured all season but still tossed up 700+ yards and had that ridiculous 202 yard game against Salem). Peake should get many more looks and will need to finally perform. I expect 500+ out of him this year. Adam Humphries, as I've stated many times before that we were incorrect criticizing the scholarship offer, is a guy you wish you had 10 more of. That young man is scrappy as hell and will do whatever it takes to win. Many of you won't like this statement (many of will love this statement), but Humph is simply Ryan Brewer with a lot more talent. Props to Dabo for making the executive decision to take a chance on that scholarship.

I told you guys last week that the Wagon was in town for some Captain's Choice / Better Ball golf action. The wife summed it up best..."You guys pulled the ultimate Freddy Couples." Usually, that is a compliment. However, we came out and led the damn thing on day one and just fell apart on the final day. No knocks on Fred, though. STS pulls for Freddy every week...hell, we can't wait for President's Cup. Yo, Freddy, the next time you make it down to the Southeast, look us up...we'll make sure your glass is always full of Grey Goose.

Onto the professionals, DAMN PHIL! I came into the clubhouse last week wondering if Westwood held off Tiger and found out that Phil did what he does, goes big. I rewatched the coverage last week and the run he put together is nothing short of amazing. I've seen Phil's greatness and his shortcomings. Fox and I were at Winged Foot and, if not for a USGA official, would have snatched the golf ball he hit into a freaking trashcan. Then we saw Phil do what we all do, instead of punching out and taking your medicine, swing for the fences....then drill a tree and have the ball fly back at you. After all this though, the one thing I will always remember about Phil, no matter how many great over the back and around the corner shots that man hits, is his shot several years back at Augusta from 13. Dude was in the woods on the right behind a tree and said, "No problem, I can drill this." Phil is either stupid as shit or has balls of freaking steel...either way, that is the most impressive shot I have ever seen in my life. Watch the video below and tell me that is not the most incredible shot you've seen in major golf.

The only thing that comes close is about 10 years ago, I played in a Christmas golf tournament with some buddies and a 75 year old man (this guy shot has shot his age since he was 69, by the way). We are sitting there at a par 3 that plays about 150. I was playing a knock-down 7 iron. My other buddies were playing full 9 irons. The old man rolls up to the tee with a 7 wood. A freaking 7 wood? My first question is "WTF is a 7 wood?" I said, "Old man, go back and get you a real club." His response, "Watch this shot and you might learn something." Sure as shit, easy swing, ball tracking, it's on the green, two hops...nothing but jar. The old man did nothing but pick up his tee, give me some shit-eating grin, then said, "You know what, I don't feel like getting out of the cart, go ahead and pick up my ball for me." Epic.