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Open Sunday Thoughts

Well...I got nothing. Media days in the ACC are aren't as excitable as they are in the SEC. When you have jokes like Syracuse in the mix, who can blame them? Swofford should be fired for even considering those guys for membership in the conference

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Otherwise, it has been a chill weekend. My buddy The Wagon came up here for a little member / guest action. When we go fishing, Team Britt will hammer Team Wagon, no doubt.

Along those same lines, Wagon is having a little girl. Everyone comment on what the name should be...I'll obviously push that name nonstop. My suggestion is Daniella Ford Wagon. Otherwise, Daletta Earnhardt Wagon. Either way, jam up and I don't know how you can think of a name better on your own.

The big question for today surrounds the Open Championship across the pond. Can Tiger come from behind to take this thing? Will Westwood hold on to his two shot lead or will Mahan go toe to toe with him as a member of the final group? This should be very interesting and fun to watch. There is little better than waking up and Major Championship golf is under way. The other nice item is the fact that only three players are under par. I really like tournaments like this that challenge the opposed to those in which -16 wins the thing and the cut line was -5.

Things should start to pick up rapidly over the next week or so. We are all fired up about camp and the upcoming season. Remember to cuss Georgia every morning when you wake up and every evening when you put your head on your pillow. Have a great Sunday and we'll catch up next week with (hopefully) a more insightful Sunday discussion.