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DT Jabril Robinson Commits to Clemson

Streeter Lecka

Jabril Robinson (6'3, 256lbs, 4.9 40), a DT from Leland NC, committed to Clemson at the Cookout today. He only had serious offers from ECU and Charlotte, but had interest from NC State and UNC. Part of the lack of interest is due to grades (hence the ECU attention), so this is a possible sign & place with a Prep school. He was recruited by Dan Brooks.

From looking at his film, he's a big guy that can run. He used his hands alright in his film but there is not much on him, and he must get his pads lower. His motor runs very high, and he is aggressive, which is a definite plus for a DL. I'm surprised there aren't more offers just based on the speed. I do think he's of a good caliber for the NC teams, I do not see enough to make me think this is a quality take for Clemson given our depth chart. This is a fallback or late take that I'd take instead of a walk-on. We should be taking only one DT this year and could have been more selective. I definitely would not have passed up some of the other in-state guys (e.g. Zeek Rodney) to take Robinson. As a sign & place, I might call this a take, but I'd like to see more film.

I also am not sure he can grow into a 300lb guy, he seems like a smaller 3-tech DT or future SDE, in the mold of Tavaris Barnes. He has more speed than Barnes did at this point I think. Big guys that can run like this but who aren't going to bulk up enough for defense could eventually play OL, but again we're over the numbers there until Dabo cuts the fat. Dan Brooks has offered him as a DT.