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2012 Clemson Uniform Critique

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Several years ago, we were very critical of Clemson's choice of uniforms--for good reason. Clemson looked like a bunch of assclowns mixing and matching purple with orange and white with no real rhyme or reason. Recently, however, the powers that be have reintroduced sanity when choosing what to wear on Saturday afternoons. In the 2011 season I believe the only questionable item was the decision to wear orange pants on the road at Georgia Tech. This past season brought no qualms from fact I was extremely pleased with our Tigers' uniform choice throughout the season. At home and at the Georgia Dome we wore orange shirts and white pants. On the road we wore white shirts and white pants. There was no deviation and we looked sharp all season. I would personally like to thank Coach Swinney/the seniors/all the others involved in uniform selection. We looked consistently good all year and I really hope this continues.

These types of decisions make my job here commenting on matters much, much easier...I am also obviously very happy that our football team is properly dressed week in and week out...we look jam up with these uniform decisions.

Home Uniforms



Away Uniforms